Decorating with French Flea Market Style

8721679_SShopping in Paris is a dream for decorators and design lovers. Wandering around Paris flea markets, finding antiques and treasures, and decorating your home with your finds might not be a possibility for you. But this doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home in French flea market style.  There are many online resources that import French antiques as well as local merchants and flea markets that have similar furniture and objects to the French markets.

French flea market style is an eclectic style that mixes antiques, salvage and garden decorations to create a romantic, nostalgic style room.  Imperfections are welcome as they show age and give character to furniture and objects alike.  Flea market finds in art work can decorate your walls with beautiful still life or anonymous portraits.  Transforming finds into something new is also a hallmark of French flea market style. For example, a wood urn can be turned into a table lamp.

French grays and beiges create a neutral but sophisticated palette. Pale wood floors or painted wood floors work well with this style, as do faded antique or vintage rugs.

Look at blogs and magazines that feature French flea market style for inspiration. Build your collection one piece at a time for a beautiful room inspired by the flea markets of Paris.

Explore our “What I Like” Quiz

Are you ready for a new look for your home but not sure what direction to take? Or maybe you like a lot of different styles but can’t narrow down your choices. You might want to take a few minutes to try out our What I Like Quiz.

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Are you drawn to modern furniture? You may prefer the Urban Chic style. Accessories are minimized and furnishings have clean lines and an almost industrial feel. You may want your home to reflect the style of a city loft or include some Art Deco elements. Check out our style description for more insights.

Maybe you like a more traditional, formal approach. Consider the Stately Elegance style. Classic lines and a focus on refined luxury work together to create a look that is timeless and tasteful. You are drawn to the furnishings and accessories of the past, with rich colors and warm wood tones.

Would you like your home to echo a European heritage? Do you love Mediterranean furniture with distressed wood? If you prefer brocades and tapestries and want your home to reflect a warm casual elegance, then the Italian Impressions style may be for you.

Are you in love with the ocean? If you want your home to feel like you’re living on the beach, you may want to take a look at the Seaside Simplicity style, born in New England, where weathered homes stayed simple and airy. Outdoor and indoor spaces mesh, with porches and patios part of the total home. Whites and sun-washed colors make up the color palette.

If your secret dream is a home in the woods and you are drawn to anything that resembles natural elements, you may be connected to the Rustic Reflections style. Linked to the Arts and Crafts movement, you have a desire to bring the outdoors inside with organic materials. Natural stone, turned wood bowls and pottery join various unique handmade finds to build the accessories for your home.

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