All About Houzz

Whozz on Houzz?

So, you Tweet on Twitter, Hangout on Google+ Hangouts, and Pin on Pinterest. I won't even ask about Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, or Blab. But are you on Houzz? If not, why not? For those engaged in the design community, with over 35 million unique views per month, Houzz could become your #1 source of new business!


Here's how Houzz describes its business:

Houzz has built a marketplace for home products and professional services. By integrating content, community and commerce, and by bringing all industry players together (service providers, homeowners, manufacturers, brands, etc.), Houzz has created an ecosystem for home renovation and design.

If you're business is related to architecture, home building, home renovation, improvement, or design, then Houzz could easily become your best social media tool. Houzz has a very holistic approach to the industry and to running a social platform. Here are the fundamental elements of the Houzz business model:

  • Photo Database
  • IdeaBooks
  • Editorial Content
  • Professional Directory

Though Houzz started as a mobile app, and still gets extraordinary wide use in the mobile environment, Houzz has become the overall largest website and online community in the home design, decorating, and improvement industry regardless of platform.

If you're already using Houzz, please leave us a note in the comments section describing your Houzz experience. How long have you been on Houzz? How are you using Houzz? Are you making new connections, getting views, engaging with contemporaries in your field? Share your experiences with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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Adding Architectural Interest with Arches

19618812_SArches can add a big architectural statement when added to room entries and hallways.  Arches are more typical in some types of architecture than others. Arches look wonderful in Spanish and Mediterranean interiors. They can also be added to Tuscan and French farmhouse style homes.  Cottage style homes may use arches between rooms. If your home does not have existing arches, you might think about adding them during a renovation or remodel.

An arched hallway is more visually interesting than a straight ceiling. The arch can be carried throughout the small hallway from the arched door to the room opening.  Archways are a great design feature for the front foyer of a home.  The rounded lines of an arch can make a small space feel like an architectural gem.

An arched ceiling could be added to an entry hall or mudroom to make these pass through spaces feel more special and interesting.  Arches can be just at the door openings, which is the easiest way to add an arched detail to a space. Arching the entire ceiling is more complicated and more expensive. Adding an arched opening between a living and dining room makes the spaces feel more united.  Arched openings can also be added in a pass-through between kitchens and dining rooms.  If you partially remove a wall between kitchen and dining room or kitchen and family room, arching the opening will create more architectural interest in the new open space.

Small Side Tables

9536284_SSmall side tables are wonderful pieces of furniture that can add a place to set a cup of coffee or book in a living room. These tables are often set next to a chair or sofa in the living room. Because of their small size they are easily portable and can be shifted around the room.

Very small side tables are called candle stands and can hold no more than a candlestick or maybe a narrow lamp and a glass.  These diminutive tables can be squeezed into a small space that a larger end table cannot.

Placing them next to an armchair or sofa, like this room scene above, makes a convenient surface for a drink or magazine when the coffee table is just out of reach.  Placed between two chairs the small side table can help create a seating area that would work in a bay window or across from a sofa in the living room.  Using an area rug to anchor a seating area will also help pull all the elements together. The side table can be on the rug or just beyond the border of the rug.

Small side tables can also be used as bedside tables. If they have a lower shelf or drawer it is even better as this provides a bit of storage next to the bed. These tables provide a place for a lamp, a glass of water and an alarm clock—the bedside essentials.  You can flank the bed with a pair of tables or two different side tables in similar woods or painted in the same color.

Ideas for a “Wow” Kitchen

Thinking of renovating your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start? How about beginning with our design center? We’ve created some kitchen vignettes designed to give you ideas for your own home.

We welcome you to come and visit our Scottsdale location. With three large areas that include creative approaches to kitchen design, a living kitchen with working appliances and equipment, and our flooring, stone and tile showroom.  We can offer everything you need to create that amazing kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

Would you take a chance with the purple wall in the photo above? What about pendant lights over your island? Have you thought about special features such as a griddle or deep fat fryer as part of your range? Maybe you have always wanted a wine cooler.

Are you drawn more to lighter cabinets? The photo to the right shows you what you can do with maple cabinets and a contrasting red backsplash. Would you like a backsplash like this, or maybe one that’s even more daring to help make your kitchen a style knockout? Arizona Wholesale is your one-stop shop for the best appliances and finishes you want in your home.

Any of these choices and more can be explored in our design center. Our goal is to give you a chance to see a rich selection of options in a space that allows you to visualize your finished kitchen. And if you’re not ready to renovate yet but want to get a feel for what’s available, you’re welcome to come and just look. We’re here for you – to help make your kitchen dreams come true.


Medallions Add Old-World Charm

In ancient Rome, mosaics of stone provided a permanent piece of art in the homes of the wealthier families. Today, we can place this old-world element in our homes without having to hire our own artist in stone thanks to the wealth of dramatic designs commercially available.

Medallions and other mosaics make a statement in a home. You can place them in a foyer to add a unique style to your home’s entrance, or where several hallways meet to add a special touch of interest as people move from one room to another. Medallions can also emphasize an architectural detail. For example, the circular mosaic in the picture above echoes the shape of the space while adding color and pattern the way a rug would without creating a tripping hazard in a well-travelled area.

Design options such as medallions come in all styles and materials. Good installers can position them seamlessly in a stone floor. Other than sealing any grout lines, maintenance is the same as for any stone surface.

As you can see from the image to the right, you can place furniture on a medallion, allowing the piece to serve as a decorative foundation for a table or other furnishings. In this case the medallion matches the shape of the table’s base, helping both pieces integrate into the foyer.

Homeowners have been adding design to their homes through this type of art for centuries. Even though we aren’t in Rome, consider doing as the Romans did and add a special feature to your floors, walls or anywhere you are adding stone.  Maybe your selection will enchant archeologists of the future as well as visitors today.

Explore our “What I Like” Quiz

Are you ready for a new look for your home but not sure what direction to take? Or maybe you like a lot of different styles but can’t narrow down your choices. You might want to take a few minutes to try out our What I Like Quiz.

Created by our design and decorating experts, this interactive quiz consists of ten questions that ask you to choose your favorites from photos of various rooms and accessories. In a few minutes you will learn more about your home decor preferences. Every style has its own appeal, so there are no wrong answers.

Are you drawn to modern furniture? You may prefer the Urban Chic style. Accessories are minimized and furnishings have clean lines and an almost industrial feel. You may want your home to reflect the style of a city loft or include some Art Deco elements. Check out our style description for more insights.

Maybe you like a more traditional, formal approach. Consider the Stately Elegance style. Classic lines and a focus on refined luxury work together to create a look that is timeless and tasteful. You are drawn to the furnishings and accessories of the past, with rich colors and warm wood tones.

Would you like your home to echo a European heritage? Do you love Mediterranean furniture with distressed wood? If you prefer brocades and tapestries and want your home to reflect a warm casual elegance, then the Italian Impressions style may be for you.

Are you in love with the ocean? If you want your home to feel like you’re living on the beach, you may want to take a look at the Seaside Simplicity style, born in New England, where weathered homes stayed simple and airy. Outdoor and indoor spaces mesh, with porches and patios part of the total home. Whites and sun-washed colors make up the color palette.

If your secret dream is a home in the woods and you are drawn to anything that resembles natural elements, you may be connected to the Rustic Reflections style. Linked to the Arts and Crafts movement, you have a desire to bring the outdoors inside with organic materials. Natural stone, turned wood bowls and pottery join various unique handmade finds to build the accessories for your home.

Take a few minutes and check out the quiz, available on our website at Let us help you determine which style, or combination of styles, appeals to you the most. And then come in for a visit and let our designers help you make your style dreams come true.