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Whozz on Houzz?

So, you Tweet on Twitter, Hangout on Google+ Hangouts, and Pin on Pinterest. I won't even ask about Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, or Blab. But are you on Houzz? If not, why not? For those engaged in the design community, with over 35 million unique views per month, Houzz could become your #1 source of new business!


Here's how Houzz describes its business:

Houzz has built a marketplace for home products and professional services. By integrating content, community and commerce, and by bringing all industry players together (service providers, homeowners, manufacturers, brands, etc.), Houzz has created an ecosystem for home renovation and design.

If you're business is related to architecture, home building, home renovation, improvement, or design, then Houzz could easily become your best social media tool. Houzz has a very holistic approach to the industry and to running a social platform. Here are the fundamental elements of the Houzz business model:

  • Photo Database
  • IdeaBooks
  • Editorial Content
  • Professional Directory

Though Houzz started as a mobile app, and still gets extraordinary wide use in the mobile environment, Houzz has become the overall largest website and online community in the home design, decorating, and improvement industry regardless of platform.

If you're already using Houzz, please leave us a note in the comments section describing your Houzz experience. How long have you been on Houzz? How are you using Houzz? Are you making new connections, getting views, engaging with contemporaries in your field? Share your experiences with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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Adding Architectural Interest with Arches

19618812_SArches can add a big architectural statement when added to room entries and hallways.  Arches are more typical in some types of architecture than others. Arches look wonderful in Spanish and Mediterranean interiors. They can also be added to Tuscan and French farmhouse style homes.  Cottage style homes may use arches between rooms. If your home does not have existing arches, you might think about adding them during a renovation or remodel.

An arched hallway is more visually interesting than a straight ceiling. The arch can be carried throughout the small hallway from the arched door to the room opening.  Archways are a great design feature for the front foyer of a home.  The rounded lines of an arch can make a small space feel like an architectural gem.

An arched ceiling could be added to an entry hall or mudroom to make these pass through spaces feel more special and interesting.  Arches can be just at the door openings, which is the easiest way to add an arched detail to a space. Arching the entire ceiling is more complicated and more expensive. Adding an arched opening between a living and dining room makes the spaces feel more united.  Arched openings can also be added in a pass-through between kitchens and dining rooms.  If you partially remove a wall between kitchen and dining room or kitchen and family room, arching the opening will create more architectural interest in the new open space.

Kitchen Renovation Focuses on Magic Trip

No country has the magical sun-rinsed colors of Greece, as this photo demonstrates. For one couple, the memories of their visits to Greece have made it their favorite travel destination. In order to keep those memories fresh, they decided to renovate their kitchen using this photograph for inspiration. Let’s take a look at how they translated this look.

In the photo below, it’s easy to see how color came into the equation. The bright white stucco walls and clean lines are mirrored in the shiny white contemporary cabinets. The three blues also appear in the kitchen. The rich cobalt blue shows on the back wall, the lighter blue of the small door to the lower left was used for the countertops, and even the vivid turquoise of the upper-right railing shows up in the light turquoise vase sitting on the counter.

The best match comes with the flooring. The couple discovered a good-quality vinyl that echoed the feeling and style of the grey street stones set in concrete. The primary difference in the look was that the vinyl uses a smaller-size stone image, which works better given the smaller dimensions of the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite photo, country or memory? Have you considered using that as a basis for decorating your home? With the right imaginative approach, you too can make your home magically connected to your past and make what was only a vision come to life.  Maybe you’re going on a trip for winter vacation or at the beginning of the year; either way, keep in mind your destination can be your new interior inspiration!