13 Awesome Tips For Decorating a Teen Boy’s Room

It seems that decorating a teen boy’s room is bit more challenging than a teen girl’s room. Perhaps because teen girls are often attracted to things easily translated to décor. Boys, however, frequently like things that don’t necessarily bring decorating to mind. The trick to decorating a boy’s room lies within his hobbies, not unlike a man cave, which typically contains interest-based accessories.

In order to pull off this project with finesse, we suggest focusing on ways to rethink the obvious. For example, one of our suggestions below incorporates a sports jersey. Rather than simply frame it though, we offer the idea of using it to make a pillow! The more creatively you can use the things your teen boy already likes, the more impressed he’ll be. They’re naturally appreciative of innovation so you might even get lucky, and hear the words, “Mom! This is SO cool!”

  1. A headboard made of t-shirts featuring favorite sports teams, music artists, etc.
  2. Lampshade painted to look like a car race track.
  3. Well-made paper airplanes hanging from the ceiling with invisible thread.
  4. A rock climbing wall in a room with high ceilings.
  5. DIY bookends comprised of two pieces of wood attached at a right angle, with a baseball glued to the base.
  6. Mount skateboards on the wall to replace standard shelves.
  7. Pillow made of sports jerseys (the back of the shirt should be the front of the pillow).
  8. Large wall transfer of an admired icon, for example, a poet or scholar.
  9. Mount multiple flat screen TV’s so he can enjoy a movie in the background while playing video games, or watch more than one televised sports event at once.
  10. Attach rope to balls that are no longer being used (soccer, basketball, baseball) and hang from the ceiling.
  11. Aerospace accessories such as vintage crop dusters suspended above the bed.
  12. Paint a small racetrack that curves along an entire wall and then attach little toy cars.
  13. Hang plants and vines from the ceiling then suspend stuffed jungle animals from the ceiling.

7 Ideas For Kids 4th of July Party

It’s time to start planning an awesome party for the kids! What better time to have some summer fun than the ultimate holiday for being outdoors? We’re guessing you already have the menu and decorations planned for your event, but there’s a good chance you haven’t yet planned out the games. The best part about summer is that it has an easy going vibe that makes life seem breezy and fun. As such, planning for a party shouldn’t feel like a big burden! To help you along we’re sharing seven quick ways to create a super day of play!

  1. Squirt gun tag. Provide the squirt guns and place a large bucket of water in the middle of the yard for use as an easy refill station.
  2. Prior to the party, let the kiddos paint empty tin cans red, white, and blue. Then on the big day stack them in a pyramid. Provide a lightweight ball, such as a wiffle ball, and let the bowling shenanigans begin.
  3. Buy neon light-up necklaces at a party supply store. Shortly before the party light them up and attach them end to end. Drive a stake into the ground and play a game of glow in the dark ring toss.
  4. Serve red, white, and blue cupcakes filled with Poprocks. Have your camera ready!
  5. On the morning of the party give your kids plenty of sidewalk chalk. Instead of asking  them to “keep busy” using it, tell them you need their help to decorate for the party. They’ll feel very important accomplishing the task of sidewalk decorator!
  6. Set up an American flag relay race. Fill extra large red and blue buckets with sand and handheld American flags on sticks. Each member of the relay team has to grab a flag and bring it back to a teammate.
  7. If you have a yard full of rocks make a game of it. Tell the kids they can each select 3 rocks (they like picking things out.) Then provide red, white, and blue paint and brushes.

Rooms That Benefit From Renovation

If you are thinking of renovating a part of your home, how do you decide which rooms to make over? It can benefit your family now and later for re-sale value, if you renovate certain spaces and keep them up to date!

Start in the kitchen if you can. Having an up to date kitchen benefits all members of the family because typically kitchens are the headquarters of the home. This is where we cook, eat meals, do homework and DIY projects. Other families feel the same benefits you do when the kitchen is up to date and accommodating. The kitchen is the first thing perspective buyers look at, even if they don’t cook. They want to have a modern up to date kitchen no matter the circumstances.  New appliances and fixtures are the quickest way to give a boost to your kitchen!

The master suite is the next amenity that all perspective buyers analyze.  Whether the buyer is single or married, the potential new owners of the house will want a generous space to claim as their own. The bedroom should be large and spacious. His and hers closets are a hit in any master suite.

The master bathroom should also be spacious with a double vanity, where two individuals can prepare for their day. A separate room for the toilet is ideal. A spa tub with an accompanying shower is always a hit with perspective buyers.

The remaining bathrooms should be updated if possible. Other members of the family and guests appreciate a nice modern bathroom. Out of date bathrooms turn off possible buyers who don’t want to buy a property that needs immediate work.

The living area is also important to buyers. This space makes a big impression on guests and is also the location where the family relaxes and spends much of their time together. This room should have ample space for the television – an item that will likely be upgraded over time.

By keeping your home updated, not only will you get more enjoyment out of your home, so will the next family!  If you have any questions about where to start, Arizona Wholesale can help with plenty of ideas.  

Frank Lloyd Wright Home vs. Arcadia District


Controversy over Frank Lloyd Wright Home


In 1952, an 84 year-old Frank Lloyd Wright designed a home in the Arcadia District of Phoenix for one of his son's and daughter-in-law. Recently, the home was purchased by attorney Zach Rawling who grew up nearby. His purchase most likely saved the house from being bulldozed. Rawling subsequently set up The David and Gladys Wright Foundation to preserve the house and open it for tours as a museum. If plans are approved, Rawling intends to deed the house and property over to the foundaton.

After purchasing some adjacent properties in an effort to create an appropriate surrounding, Rawling also leased offsite parking from a nearby church. Additionally, he is proposing an event center, gift shop, and café. All are undergound, to help preserve the grounds.

Nevertheless, some of the neighbors are unhappy. In particular, Peter Sperling, the son of University of Phoenix founder, is conducting an active campaign opposing the project. Evidently, he's OK with preserving the house for the neighborhood, just not with letting the rest of us have an opportunity to visit. In a letter to the Arizona Republic. Sperling writes about Frank Lloyd Wright's desire to blend into the “natural beauty.” I don't know whether he's referring to all the native citrus trees or the sprawling homes of Phoenix's Arcadia District:

“His gorgeous works did more than just fit in with the existing land and environment — they exalted them. He did not construct buildings to stick out of nearby mountains like sore thumbs, but rather to blend into them and reflect the natural beauty that existed there already.”

Of course, perhaps Wright's most famous and loved building is The Guggenheim Museum in New York City which hardly blends into the “natural beauty” of Manhattan's Upper Eastside.


The Wright House in Arcadia is a stunning home, but it can hardly be claimed that this house blends into the neighborhood. Neighbors, while thankful that Rawling saved the house from destruction, are primarily concerned about what its commercialization will mean. It will be interesting to see if the community and Rawling and his foundation will find common ground. Utlimately, the city will determine whether they are going to issue the permits necessary to proceed with the project.

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Pig and Pancake Day

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day for your nutritionally but it is also usually everyone’s favorite meal for coming together and enjoying each other’s company while chowing down on eggs, bacon and a big old stack of pancakes.


Lucky for you March has two very important but little known holidays that you can celebrate—March 1st is National Pig Day and March 4th is International Pancake Day. So why not combine these two wonderful odes to everyone’s favorite breakfast foods and get the family together Sunday, March 1st to celebrate these holidays over a good old fashioned breakfast.


But first, a little history lesson. National Pig Day was founded by a couple of sisters by the names of Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. They believed that pigs were not appreciated like they should be as “man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.” And thus National Pig Day was born and everyone has a day they can celebrate all that pigs have to offer.


International Pancake Day, on the other hand, derives from a medieval Europe tradition where some believed that that change of seasons was the struggle between the spirits of darkness and cold and those of light and growth and life. By eating pancakes they were swallowing the sun and therefore able to ingest their warmth and light. The modern day version is quite a bit different but no less delicious and satisfying.

There never needs to be a reason to bring your family together on a Sunday morning for a hearty and laughter-filled breakfast but these two holidays certainly give any family a good one. Scrambled eggs with cheese and chopped vegetables, a nice stack of cooked-to-perfection bacon and the largest stack of pancakes you can manage that are dripping with butter and drizzled with maple syrup complimented by a steaming cup of coffee. Is there any better way to spend your Sunday morning with your family?


Sound off below—how do you like your bacon? How do you prepare your pancakes? And how will you and your family be spending National Pig Day and International Pancake Day? We hope that however you spend it you and your family enjoy yourselves!

Parmesan and Fig Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There is nothing quite like the grilled cheese sandwich. Pleasing to children and adults alike, and perfect for a cold day, grilled cheese sandwiches are the surefire way to bring your family together for a satisfying meal.


There are many different ways to invent this classic meal and some might even say that there is no way to cook grilled cheese the wrong way. But there are ways to add a little spice and pizzazz to your take on it that can spice up the “old” grilled cheese.


In this recipe we use sourdough bread to give the wrappings more flavor and sturdiness with which to build on. Next we make sure to have grated or shaved Parmesan and white cheddar cheese to give a sharp and distinctive flavor that is sure to please. Use as much or as little as you like, it all depends on personal preference when building your perfect grilled cheese sandwich.


The twist comes with the fig jam that adds a punch of flavor and works to balance out the sharpness of the cheese. You could add a different flavored jam if you like here, it’s always fun to play around to see what works best for your family’s preferences. Finally add a handful of arugula to add freshness to the sandwich – balsamic vinegar is optional to top it all off.


This is a grilled cheese sandwich that is sure to please and with ingredients that can be played with to make sure that the recipe is always an original and crowd pleaser. Enjoy!


Total Cook Time: 10-15 minutes


Parmesan and Fig Grilled Cheese Sandwich



  • Sourdough bread slices (adjust for quantity needed)
  • Grated or shaved parmesan cheese (fresh)
  • Sliced white cheddar cheese (fresh)
  • Fig jam (or adjust with your favorite jam if desired)
  • A handful of arugula
  • Butter
  • Optional: balsamic vinegar



  1. Butter the bread on the sides that will be grilled. You can either grill these sandwiches in a frying pan or with a Panini press.
  2. Assemble the sandwiches with the desired amount of cheese, a light spread of the fig jam, arugula and balsamic vinegar if desired.
  3. Place the sandwiches in the pan and grill both sides until golden brown. Be sure to periodically check to ensure that they don’t overcook. If using a Panini press, close and let cook for 3-4 minutes on medium to high heat. Check the color after this and if needed continue to cook until golden brown.
  4. Once done, let sit for 2 minutes. Afterwards, slice in half and serve.

Laptop Ergonomics and Healthy Work Sessions Part 2

Part Two – Children

It’s important for everyone to sit properly while working on a laptop computer. The term ‘laptop computer’ is actually rather misleading because setting your computer in your lap rarely leads to good anatomical alignment. Overcoming this problem is especially important for children whose bone structure is still changing and developing. They also have shorter attention spans and their eyes and minds fatigue quickly so they greatly benefit from a few other adjustments, mentioned below.

Combat all of these threats to your child’s well being by setting up the appropriate work station and providing the perfect opportunity to eat well and exercise. Start by adjusting lighting as necessary. Excessive sunlight dims our ability to see the screen clearly so close the blinds or drapes while your child is working.  Next, set a timer to ease strain on body, eyes, and mind. For every 30 minutes of computer time, the child should get 30 minutes of activity. I

f the weather permits this should include fresh air. Also, provide healthy snacks. Sitting at a computer for extended periods makes us prone to mindlessly eating junk food. Prevent this by setting a healthy snack on the desk ahead of time. Even if your child is not yet hungry, he or she is far more likely to eat a healthy snack if it is within arm’s reach when hunger does eventually rise to the surface. This goes for you too!

Now, correct the child’s posture if she is sitting in a chair that is lower than the table, causing the arms be raised higher than normal in order to reach the keyboard. This puts strain on the upper arms, elbows, and back.  Remedy:  Place a cushion under her bum so she can sit higher up. Scoot the chair in far enough for knees to slide under the table. Once you’ve done this her feet will now be dangling. There should be a ninety degree angle at the knees so slide something under the table on which the child can set her feet in order to achieve the ideal alignment of the legs. 

Chores for Young Kids

It’s never too early to start your kids off helping out around the house. The earlier you start, the more likely they‘ll be to have good habits engrained as they get older. After all, young children love to help, so giving them responsibility early on is a lot easier than trying to introduce it once it’s no longer fun. These easy chores for young kids will have your children helping out around the house from the time they are old enough to understand what it means.

Setting the Table

Invest in some inexpensive dishware, and let your young children set the table. They don’t have to carry whole stacks of plates at once, and if it takes them multiple trips, that’s OK, too. Setting the table is something that a lot of kids actually enjoy, because it means that the meal is about to commence, so they often rush to get it done in a timely way.

Hand Held Vacuuming

Get your kids a small hand held vacuum and have them seek out and destroy the dust bunnies, piles of pet hair, and scatterings of crumbs on the floor. Small vacuums are a lot of fun for kids, particularly if you have a pet that sheds and they can watch the hairs go flying right up into it. Best of all, they can be vacuuming up the small corners of the room or under the furniture while you run the big vacuum, so it helps save you time as well.

Picking Up After Themselves

Clearly organize their bedrooms and playrooms so that everything has a place to go, then put your kids in charge of picking up at the end of the day. Plastic bins with lids work well for this purpose; all they have to do is toss the toys into the correct bin so picking up can be a fast and fun game, rather than a chore. Kids often don’t mind taking responsibility for their own areas, and can get a lot of pride from maintaining them well, so have them straighten up each evening to keep their play areas looking neat.

From Simple to Daring, Try Concrete Staining

The commonly-chosen approach for concrete floors is to find something to cover them with – engineered wood flooring, carpeting with a nice thick pad, or ceramic tile. But with today’s acid-staining options, you may want to take advantage of concrete’s versatility. For less than a cover-up you can create a unique and intriguing floor either inside or outside your home.

Concrete staining allows you to turn your concrete patio from its traditional greyish white to rich terracotta, or maybe you want to take a real design leap with a choice like the one above in your rec room. Acid staining using coloring salts provides an appealing variety of colors and tones with almost no limit to your pattern choices. Skilled artisans can turn your simple floor to something that completely changes the feel of a space.

Cracks and discolorations can be hidden with a layer of thinset concrete, and then the palette is limited only by your imagination. Concrete can be colored to look like stone or tile, or you can create something that is only possible with concrete options. The final finish can shine like this one or stay matte, depending upon your approach and preference.

Check out our website at http://www.arizonawholesalesupply.com/contentpage.aspx?Id=7826 for some more examples of what you can do with concrete, or schedule a visit at one of our design centers and we can show you some more ideas for turning concrete into sophisticated and appealing flooring for anywhere in your home.