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Arizona Wholesale Supply Company – Count on Us

We're Arizona's leading builder distributor, and we've been here for over 70 years. While we've seen many changes over the years, a few things have stayed the same.

We're proud of our name. Arizona Wholesale Supply Company. It's been our name since the beginning. We like it and we think we'll keep it. It says a lot.

We're a family owned business, and we treat our many employees as family, too. Some of our managers and employees have been with us for decades.

We're here in Arizona, and you can count on decisions being made here – no unnecessary delays, and no excuses.

Our mission is to serve our customers. We have locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson. We run a fleet of our own trucks from our warehouse in Phoenix, delivering throughout the Valley and in Tucson. We have our own installation crews, and even our own service department.

Our professional sales team has years of experience with all the major brands, and we have specialists in both appliances and floor coverings.

Behind the scenes we have a full staff, handling all the scheduling and logistics of ordering, billing, shipping, installing, customer service, etc.

So, that's OUR STORY. How can we help YOU?

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis for New Homes

Water Systems for Home Builders

Water Softner

Quality™ Water Softener

Quality™ RO System

Quality™ RO System

Quality™ Water Softeners and Quality™ Reverse Osmosis exclusively from Arizona Wholesale Supply.

Now, home builders can offer an exclusive brand of water filtration systems to their home buyers. Not available at big box stores or appliance dealers, the Quality™brand is proprietary to Arizona Wholesale Supply. It’s competitively priced and a good value for new homebuyers.

Made in Arizona, Quality™ water products are designed for Arizona’s harsh water conditions. The Quality™ product line carries one of the best warranties in the industry, and is certified by the Arizona Water Quality Association.

We’ll coordinate the delivery and installation, all provided by the factory, and you get all the credit. Your home buyer will thank you when they move into their new house with the benefits of fresh, pure drinking water, and freedom from hard water scale and lime buildup.

To find out more about Quality™ Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis click on the brief YouTube videos below:

Quality™ Reverse Osmosis

Quality™ Water Softeners

Call Bill Parks today at 602 258-7901 to get started. Arizona Wholesale Supply – Serving Arizona builders for 70 years.

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Builder Distributors

What is a builder distributor? Why should you care?

Answers from one of Arizona's Largest.

Production home builders, custom home builders, architects, designers, and other members of the construction trade need wholesale builder distributors for much of their supply chain in order to complete their projects on budget and on time. But WHAT OR WHO IS A BUILDER DISTRIBUTOR? To answer this question, we've created a checklist. To really be a builder distributor, your supplier should be able to meet most, if not all, of the criteria on the checklist at the bottom of this page.

QUICK TIP: One test to assess whether a firm fits the description of a contract distributor is to find out how the company describes itself. Look for clues in their name such as words like wholesale, distributor, builder, contract, supply, or supplier in the company name. Check the About Us heading of their webpage. You may be surprised to find that there are some leading so called distributors in town with websites that don't mention their connection to the contract side of the business.

Check the Arizona Wholesale Supply About Us page by clicking on the image below:

Builder Distributor Checklist:

  • Offers products and brands that the contractor or trade professional needs.
  • Maintains a warehouse facility to store and distribute products.
  • Has a fleet of trucks and drivers dedicated to delivering the products to the jobsite.
  • Employs trained installers.
  • Has billing capabilities.
  • Provides adequate showrooms open to the trade.
  • Can supply references from other contractors.
  • Member in good standing of key builder organizations: HBACA and/or SAHBA.

  • Works with the design community where applicable NARI, ASID, NKBA, etc.
  • Has a dedicated outside sales staff.

Don't make it hard on yourself by having a haphazard and ill-conceived supply chain. Review this checklist and assess your business relationships with your suppliers. Make sure you're trade partners have the capabilities that you need for the future and are a good match for your business model.

Call or visit the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply to find out how they can serve your business needs.

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Appliance Delivery from Arizona Wholesale Supply

Your Home Delivery Installation and Service

Floor Covering and Major Appliances from Arizona Wholesale Supply

Arizona Wholesale Truck

I know a little bit about the great appliances at Arizona Wholesale Supply because I sold appliances myself for a number of years. I also know the great sales people at Arizona Wholesale Supply because of my longstanding association with them. But, today I'm writing as a customer about the Arizona Wholesale Supply delivery and installation experience.

I recently embarked on a major remodeling project and purchased all new carpet, new tile, and new appliances from AZ Wholesale. Whether it was the Shaw carpeting and floor tile or the KitchenAid and Whirlpool appliances, each time a delivery was scheduled I received a phone call from the office advising me of the scheduled delivery and time frame. The day before, and again early on the morning of the delivery, I received calls confirming and updating the delivery time.


Delmar Contreras and Antonino Gallardo, Arizona Wholesale Supply

The Arizona Wholesale Supply delivery truck arrived with my Whirlpool washer and dryer, and KitchenAid microwave/hood and refrigerator. Two neat and polite men wearing AZ Wholesale Supply shirts identified themselves and came in to take a look at the install locations. They quickly went about their business prepping the appliances; one man working on the washer and dryer – the other taking care of the microwave/hood and refrigerator. The washer was installed first, giving the installer time to run the washer through a short cycle while completing the rest of the installation. Therefore, he knew that the washer worked, and there were no leaks. Meanwhile, the other installer had installed and vented the KitchenAid microwave hood combination. The men teamed up, and carefully wheeled in my KitchenAid refrigerator.

They removed the packing, tape, and film from each of the appliances, installed add-ons suh as the water filter, etc., connected all the water lines using high quality braided hoses, wiped down the appliances, and removed instructions and warranty cards placing them in an adjacent drawer. After completing the installs, they checked things over and gave us a brief explanation of how the appliances worked, thanked us, and were on their way.

Antonio Gallardo, Arizona Wholesale Supply

A couple weeks later, when I was ready for my KitchenAid double oven range and KitchenAid Superba dishwasher, a new installation team arrived, and I had a similar terrific experience. I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention the professional work of the carpet and tile installation team from Arizona Wholesale.

The delivery and installation folks at Arizona Wholesale Supply really know their stuff, and I really appreciated their courteous, professional demeanor. KUDOs to Arizona Wholesale Supply's delivery and installation service.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Arizona Wholesale Supply Customers Talk

Trade Partners and their customers love Arizona Wholesale Supply!

Read what Arizona Wholesale Supply customers have to say about their experiences, then find out for yourself! Whether it's hombuilders or their buyers – designers or their clients, at Arizona Wholesale Supply customers reign supreme. Here are a few comments excerpted from the Arizona Wholesale Supply testimonial page:

We’ve been working with Arizona Wholesale for the past 5 years. They exemplify what a great partnership is all about. Together we have developed processes that have made our business operations more efficient and successful. Their Design Center incorporates not only their own products and services, but also products from other AV Homes Trade Partners. This has resulted in a better experience for our Homebuyers, and an increased capture in upgrades. AZW has always catered to our needs as a Homebuilder. We look forward to continued success together in the coming years. – Ken Kulinowski | Vice President of Purchasing | AV Homes

Thank you Arizona Wholesale for another great buying experience. This our 4th house renovation, and each time you have supplied all of our appliances – Harry and Marcia F.

As new home purchasers at Canta Mia homes by Vitalla, Goodyear, AZ, we have had the pleasure, on three separate occasions, of spending time and resources with your associate, Ms. Monika Herrmann, Design Consultant, as our home is being built. Ms. Herrmann should be awarded for a job well done! Customer service is an attitude, not a procedure-and she deserves our sincerest appreciation Mr. and Mrs. Roger C.

Click on the video below:

Dorado Designs works on projects ranging from kitchen remodels to design and construction of new homes. Over the last four years, Arizona Wholesale has demonstrated to us that they care about us and our clientele. We receive quotes and specifications in a timely fashion. Furthermore, our customers enjoy the product knowledge that the salespeople have. Specifically Arizona Wholesale’s sales staff is very willing and able to explain the features and benefits that should be considered when selecting appliances for a project. We feel as though it is great for our customers to experience the personal attention and expertise that Arizona Wholesale offers – Elizabeth Spangler | CEO | Dorado Designs


To read additional comments from Arizona Wholesale Supply customers click on the link below:

Arizona Wholesale Supply Testimonials

For more information on how they can help you call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today:

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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AZ Wholesale Supply Corporate Offices

Discover Arizona Wholesale Supply Company

Phoenix Showroom, Warehouse, and Corporate Offices

Arizona's leading distributor of appliances, floor coverings, window treatments and more invites you to join us on a tour of our facilities. Since 1944, we've been working hard at taking care of the needs of Arizona's building community. We're still growing and finding new opportunities to help our trade customers be more successful. So, whatever your needs as a member of the design and construction business, take a fresh look at how Arizona Wholesale Supply can be your resource for products and services for your next project.

Each day as our trucks leave these docks for all parts of the Valley, Tucson, and Northern Arizona, semi-trucks filled with appliances, carpeting, tile, and much more arrive at our warehouse.

To be your source for all these product lines we need to take care of all the logistics: warehousing, order entry, payables, receivables, delivery, installation, and service. It's a big undertaking, and it's the reason you need Arizona Wholesale Supply – because yes, we sell appliances and carpeting, but we do so much more.

Martha Cornelison has been with us for twenty years. Join Martha as she takes you on a brief video tour of Arizona Wholesale Supply Company's Phoenix showroom, and corporate heaquarters.



For more information on how Arizona Wholesale Supply can be your supplier call Bill Parks at 602 258-7901 today.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Discover Arizona Wholesale Supply, Tucson

Appliances, Flooring, and More in the Old Pueblo

Arizona Wholesale Supply Company, Tucson, AZ


Building or remodeling a new home or kitchen in Southern Arizona? If you’re in the building trades you need to explore Arizona Wholesale Supply. Strategically located on Ina Road in Tucson, Arizona Wholesale Supply is Arizona’s leading distributor of Appliances, Floor Covering, Window Treatments, and much more. Founded in 1944, the company is Arizona family owned and operated with locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.








Tucson Branch Manager, Larry Gibbons, is a long-time Tucson resident, and part of the founding family at Arizona Wholesale Supply. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Larry is active in community affairs, and the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association.







Arizona Wholesale Supply is proud to have a full service operation. The staff includes a well-trained, professional sales organization, experienced delivery and installation crews, and factory-authorized service.

Click below to take a brief video tour of the Tucson facility:

The Tucson location, at  2986 W, Ina Road is a complete design and selection center dedicated to serving the needs of the Southern Arizona homebuilding, contracting, and design community.

Arizona Wholesale Supply Company
2986 W. Ina Road
Suite 110
Tucson, AZ 85741
Phone : (520) 795-4663
Fax : (520) 623-1111

Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat. By appointment only

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Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Appliance Replacement Installations

Expect the Unexpected
When replacing standard appliances, you might think that everything is straightforward.

Step 1. Take out the old.

Step 2. Put in the new.

That’s it? Not quite! Here’s an example of what happened during a recent “routine” installation. The homeowner purchased a 3 piece appliance package. 1.electric range, 2. dishwasher, and 3. micro-hood to replace an existing range, dishwasher,and vent hood. The old appliances were Harvest Gold so that gives you an idea that they’ve been in there a while.


The kitchen floor was tiled AFTER the old dishwasher had been installed so that the tile was higher than and butted-up against the dishwasher. Therefore, the old dishwasher was hemmed in and could not be removed. The installer offered up two options.

  1. Chip out a couple of tiles which would enable him to slide out the dishwasher far enough to tip it up and pull it out of the hole.
  1. Remove the countertop section above the dishwasher to allow the dishwasher to be lifted out. This would entail cutting or breaking some part of the countertop.

Angle Stop

Matching kitchen tiles and grout were found in the garage so option 1 was the obvious choice. Two tiles were chipped out so that old dishwasher could be removed. The tiles would have to be replaced by the homeowner.

Next, the installer turned the water shutoff valve (aka: angle stop) to shut off the water supply to the dishwasher, and the valve sprung a leak. This is not uncommon for a nearly 30 year old valve. It has nothing to do with either the dishwasher, or the installer. (By the way, the water shutoff valves behind your washing machines are equally subject to the same problem). The water was turned off pending replacement of the shutoff valve by the homeowner, and the new dishwasher was installed.

Vent hood

The old vent hood was connected to a standard 6″ round duct. Microwave hoods come equipped with a recirculating vent meaning that they do not require an external duct, OR they can be configured to duct out through a rectangular 3 1/4″ by 10″ duct. Either way, they do not come ready to duct outside via a 6″ round duct. To do this, a transition duct is required to transition from 3 1/4″ by 10″ rectangular to 6″ round. Installers do not carry these on their trucks. In this case, because the micro-hood was already set for recirculating the homeowner elected to go with that and simply cap off the existing 6″ round duct.


Finally, it was time to install the electric range. The original range was installed in the 1980’s, and pre-dated the requirement to have an *anti-tip device. Fortunately, the installer was well-trained. He removed the anti-tip cleat from the range use and care manual, measured and drilled the holes in the floor, and attached the cleat so that the range could be secured to the floor. It took only a few minutes to do this, and the range slid neatly into place.

The lesson here is: Even a standard replacement installation is likely to require some non-standard work. Be ready to go with the flow. To be sure that the job is done to your satisfaction, rely on a company that has professional installation such as Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.

*For more information, on anti-tip devices refer to our previous blog: Safety First – Anti-tip devices.

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

Arizona Wholesale

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Quality Water Filtration Systems

Moving to a New Home?

Consider a Quality™ Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Q Series reverse osmosis drinking water systems lead the industry in design and innovative features and are backed by great warranties. They are installed by professionally-trained water technicians.

Made to perform in Arizona's Desert Water Conditions

Certified by the Water Quality Association
Assures that your Quality™ Filtration R/O has been manufactured under the highest of industry standards.

Ultra High Performance Filters
Allows the system to be serviced only once a year, saving time and money over other systems that require frequent maintenances.

Unique ICT Filtration™
Increased Contact Time – Quality™ system increases the water contact time with the carbon 60x's longer than others, resulting in superior contaminant reduction

Incomparable Warranties
The major components such as the faucet and storage tank are warranted for 5 years. R/O membrane has a 4 year warranty.

Water Saving The unique system design incorporates a special Conserv™ valve which shuts the system down once the storage tank is full.

Factory-Direct Installation
Most companies hire subcontractors to perform their installations. Our business is water. Our installers are our employees.

Consult the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply Co. for the best advice on water filtration for your new home. Three Arizona locations: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson.

Arizona Wholesale

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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Safety First – Range Anti-Tip Device

New Range?

Don't forget the anti-tip device

Anti-tip devices have been required on all ranges by UL since 1991. All major appliance manufacturers provide anti-tip devices at no charge with freestanding and slide-in ranges. It is the homeowner's responsibiltiy to make sure that this device is installed with the range.

Do not ignore this. It's a mistake to think that this is just another example of bureacratic interference and a waste of your time. Whether you are having your new range installed or installing it yourself, you must be certain that your anti-tip device is installed. It is critically important and could in fact prevent serious injury. We've embedded a brief YouTube video below that explains the need for anti-tip devices:

While we don't want to belabor this point, the anti-tip device is too often ignored in the installation process. It's not at all difficult to install, but does take a few minutes. It's also worth noting that if you ever have a home inspection done in the process of selling or buying a home, checking for an anti-tip device is a standard procedure for home instpectors.

anti-tip bracket

anti-tip bracket

anti-tip bracket installed

The device itself is simply a bracket or cleat that is installed behind the range. One of the rear leveling legs on the range slides into the bracket preventing the range from tipping forward.

If your range is already installed, you can easily check for the anti-tip device by grasping the range from the back and pulling forward. If the range does not pull forward, the anti-tip device is secured. If the range does pull forward, you need to install the anti-tip device. Check the installation instructions that came with the range. There's a good chance the bracket is in the package. If not, call the range manufacturer's 800 number. They will be happy to send you one. Otherwise, you should be able to pick one up inexpensively at an appliances parts store.

Some installers ignore this important step in the installation process or charge extra for it. At Arizona Wholesale Supply, installation of the anti-tip device is included in the installation charge.

For more information about appliances call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company. Three convenient locations to serve you.

Arizona Wholesale

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.

Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663

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