Organize Clutter

Living in a small space? Living in a large home? No matter which question pertains to you, there is stuff we all accumulate. Get organized with the following tips and tricks. Learn how to utilize typically wasted space and rid your home of clutter.

The shoe pockets that attach to the back of a door are now your best friend. These little pockets are inexpensive, transparent or cloth, and can store countless items. Because they are see through they make organizing easy, you can plainly see where things are supposed to go. Use these shoe holders in every room of the house. Because they hang on the back of a door, they hide messy clutter. Try hanging one on the back of a pantry door to store packets of snacks, sandwich bags, plastic dinner wear, condiment packets and whatever else that typically sit awkwardly on the shelves. You can even get super organized by storing take out menus and coupons.

Shoe organizers are perfect for the bathroom. Keep hairbrushes, blow dryers and other tools (after they have cooled off) in these see through pockets. The organizer is great for makeup, hair products, lotions etc. Anything that is traditionally found on the bathroom counter can be hidden away on the back of the door. When the bathroom is in use, the door is closed, which provides easy access to all of your necessities.

Jewelry pocket organizers are great for storing small items. These little organizers can also be hung or rolled up. Jewelry organizers are great for storing craft room supplies like beads and small stamps. If you like to sew, use this item to keep small bobbins, spools of thread, and various needles.

Rid clutter by hanging items. There are so many decorative hooks to choose from. Discrete hooks can be purchased as well. Utility hooks can be found at any grocery or hardware store. These hooks are easily installed and don’t leave a mess when removed. Use hooks to hang hats, scarves, keys, jewelry, dog leashes and tools. Hang items in the location where they are used. If needed, incorporate the hooks into your décor.

Upcycling – How To Use and Repurpose Sundry Household Items

It usually fills slowly, over time, but you’re steadily adding to it every month. It’s that box – the one that is the catch-all for the miscellaneous items around the house that don’t get used anymore. There’s a good chance that you even still like some of them, but after a couple of years of no use, it seems silly to keep them around. Your goal is to drop off the box at the local donation center once it is full, but that’s an errand that too easily put off. Perhaps that a good thing, because we’ve got some suggestions for how to put those things to good use by giving them a new purpose!

Dessert and cakes stands: Set on your vanity, bathroom counter, or craft table. Desert stands make for a beautiful display of jewelry, accessories, perfume. Cakes stands are a nifty way toassemble a collection of bottled art supplies, such as acrylic paints.

Shot glasses: The tall skinny ones are super for organizing and displaying those expensive makeup brushes you invested in. They are also ideal for specialty pens and markers that you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of the common stuff. Short shot glasses work well for painting too, but in this case you can dispense various paint colors in them and not run the risk of accidently mixing the colors as might happen on a palette or tray.

Old metal funnels: Flip them over and insert taper candles. The wide base will ensure that the candle doesn’t fall over, and if the wax drips on them it’s highly likely that they’ll look even better.

Silver, gold, or brass candle sticks: If you’re a modern gal you may have switched over to battery run faux flames to add ambience. But it’s a shame to let go of something solid and traditional, like heirloom candle sticks that might even have sentimental value. So, use them to hold and display bracelets and watches!

Hard sided sunglass cases: Avoid the ‘cord drama’ caused when you toss chargers and earphones in your handbag. Simply wind them up and store them in a sunglass case, and they’ll emerge from your bag without tangles.