Pros and Cons: Range vs. Cooktop/Oven

Freestanding Range vs Cooktop and Oven

Kitchen Debate: Purchase a Range or a Cooktop and Oven

When building a home or re-designing a kitchen, homeowners can be faced with the choice of installing a single kitchen range vs. a cooktop and a separate wall oven. Here are a few considerations:

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen range


This is a simple decision. Choose the range and you've purchased two appliances at once. No worries about locating two separate appliances, choosing among various dimensions eg, 30″ vs 36″, or running gas and/or electric lines to separate locations.

On the other hand, you'll be locking yourself into 2 separate appliances in a single space which may be inconvenient. You could find yourself needing to cook on the range surface while standing in front of a hot oven. Some people find that repeatedly bending over to access the oven is uncomfortable.

Advantages and disadvantages of a separate cooktop and oven

One big advantage is that by purchasing the cooktop and oven separately, you can get exactly the features you want in each appliance. Also, separate appliance purchases may sometimes result in different brands sizes and fuel types of cooktops and ovens. By having a wall oven installed at eye level, it can be operated and accessed without bending over.


In most instances, separate cooktops and wall ovens will cost more than a comparable freestanding range. Having remodeled kitchens in two different homes in the last 5 years, we've chosen both configurations. We love our current double oven range with radiant top. However, the separate gas cooking surface and combination wall oven/microwave probably edges out the freestanding range. Viva la difference!

For the best advice on appliance locations and options work with your builder and designer, and of course make sure to schedule an appointment with an appliance professional at Arizona Wholesale Supply for the best choices.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Kitchen Remodeling Tip: Check Electrical Needs

Updating your New Kitchen

Review Electrical Requirements in your New Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can be fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating, and costly. Don't make it more frustrating and costly than necessary by failing to examine your electrical needs.

When lighting or appliances are moved or require additional power, it's typical to have some electrical work done. However, even if you're just updating an existing kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, etc. you may be find yourself in need of some electrical work. Here is an example that I ran into recently with a kitchen remodel.


The house was in a nice neighborhood, and had a great floor plan that perfectly fit our needs. But it was an older house (approx. 30 years), so we had to completely gut and redo the inside. Even though we weren't adding any additional appliances, I had some concern that the power available in the kitchen might be insufficient. Specifically, I knew that the manufacturer of the microwave hood recommended a separate circuit, and I doubted that this kitchen was wired with a separate circuit for the microwave hood. Nevertheless, everything seemed to work well in our new kitchen….until Thanksgiving.

All of our kitchen appliances and lights were running at full power along with crockpots, etc. when the kitchen lights started blinking like a Christmas tree. Curiously, even the lights on the chandelier in the nearby dining started blinking. Then a breaker kicked off and the microwave as well as some lights shut down. We turned off a few things, and flipped the breaker back on. Thanksgiving was saved, but we knew that some electrical work was in our future.

We had an electrician come out, and together we discovered that the microwave hood was on a circuit with some lights and plugs in another room. Unfortunately, there was no inexpensive way to pull a separate wire from the breaker box to the microwave hood. However, the electrician was able to switch the microwave to a different circuit with a lower total power requirement. In addition, he suggested we use low power LED bulbs for the lighting on that circuit. The result was that with LED bulbs and the microwave together, even if all lights AND the microwave were on at the same time, there would be no chance of overloading the circuit. Easter here we come!

Next up: GFCI circuits in your kitchen.

New Home or Remodel – Arizona Wholesale Supply is ready with appliances, flooring, window coverings, and much more. Check with your builder or designer today.

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Discover Arizona Wholesale Supply, Tucson

Appliances, Flooring, and More in the Old Pueblo

Arizona Wholesale Supply Company, Tucson, AZ


Building or remodeling a new home or kitchen in Southern Arizona? If you’re in the building trades you need to explore Arizona Wholesale Supply. Strategically located on Ina Road in Tucson, Arizona Wholesale Supply is Arizona’s leading distributor of Appliances, Floor Covering, Window Treatments, and much more. Founded in 1944, the company is Arizona family owned and operated with locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.








Tucson Branch Manager, Larry Gibbons, is a long-time Tucson resident, and part of the founding family at Arizona Wholesale Supply. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Larry is active in community affairs, and the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association.







Arizona Wholesale Supply is proud to have a full service operation. The staff includes a well-trained, professional sales organization, experienced delivery and installation crews, and factory-authorized service.

Click below to take a brief video tour of the Tucson facility:

The Tucson location, at  2986 W, Ina Road is a complete design and selection center dedicated to serving the needs of the Southern Arizona homebuilding, contracting, and design community.

Arizona Wholesale Supply Company
2986 W. Ina Road
Suite 110
Tucson, AZ 85741
Phone : (520) 795-4663
Fax : (520) 623-1111

Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm
Sat. By appointment only

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The Basic Kitchen Appliance Package

Refrigerator, Range, Hood, and Dishwasher

Kitchen Package

White Ice Collection

Standard Four Piece Kitchen Package

This is the common appliance configuration for most kitchens across America. It seems simple doesn't it? Cooling (1.refrigerator), cooking (2. range, and 3. hood), and cleaning (4. dishwasher). Yet, within those product categories there are millions of appliances sold each year in a variety of brands, styles, finishes, and colors so that the choices seem infinite.

French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerator


For example, freestanding refrigerators (excluding built-in and undercounter variations) can be loosely classified into top mount, bottom mount (including French door), and side-by-side. Seems simple enough. But some refrigerators are cabinet depth and fit somewhat snugly in the surrounding cabinets, while full depth refrigerators will stick out from the cabinets a good six inches or more. Also, you need to consider whether you want an icemaker in your refrigerator. If so, do you want a model with an ice and water dispenser?

The Stainless Steel Decision

Stainless Steel

A major decision will revolve around what type of finish you want on your appliances. Stainless steel is popular, but even in stainless steel there are options. Some manufacturers have “faux” stainless steel, while others have stainless steel that is coated to make it smudge-proof. If you wish to change up from stainless steel, major appliance manufacturers are back to touting white and black, perhaps with stainless trim such as the white or black “ice” collection from Whirlpool.

If you can't make up your mind among the variety of colors and finishes, you may consider no finish at all by purchasing panel ready models. This choice entails putting cabinet panels on your refrigerator and dishwasher to make them blend in with the surrounding cabinets.

Chimney Hood

Chimney Hood

When it comes to the vent hood, it should be very simple right? WRONG. You must choose among a standard hood, a designer model such as a chimney hood, or a microwave hood combination. Even among these three hood categories there are hoods that are ducted outside, or those that recirculate.

Does all of this begin to sound overwhelming? Well, help IS available. The professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply deal with these issues on a daily basis. Call the location nearest you to schedule an appointment for help in selecting the appliances for your new kitchen.

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Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Easily the biggest concern about buying stainless steel appliances is keeping them clean. Stainless steel is a durable finish that will last a lifetime, but it shows fingerprints and easily smudges. The good news is that it's easy to clean if you use the right product and apply it properly.

Arizona Wholesale Supply has produced a series of YouTube videos providing guidance on appliance selection, use, and care:

Arizona Wholesale Supply YouTube Channel.

Here is the latest video from Arizona Wholesale Supply showing what cleaner to use to clean your stainless steel appliances and how to apply it properly.

We'll follow this up with another Arizona Wholesale Supply video on the more challenging cleaning of stainless appliances that have had some really tough usage like an outdoor grill.

P.S. Nearly all of the stainless steel used by appliance manufacturers today is stainless steel with a #4 brush finish. However, we've seen smudge-proof stainless being promoted. If you have an appliance that has some type of coating or treatment to the stainless steel be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions for cleaning.

For all your appliance, floor covering, and window treatment needs be sure to consult the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1944

Appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more

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New Trend in Appliance Colors and Finishes

White appliances positioned to make a comeback

From Whirlpool's White Ice to the Brilliant White Plus of Miele

See them both at Arizona Wholesale Supply today!

Stainless Steel has ruled the roost in appliance finishes for decades. Efforts to dethrone stainless have been left in the dust (Oiled bronze anyone?) Now, however, there's a new competitor – WHITE. Yes, old fashioned white appliances appear to be making a comeback. And two of the appliance brands making the move couldn't be more diverse – Whirlpool and Miele.

Whirlpool is a mass brand, appealing to the great middle market and often a standard for tract home builders. Miele is a luxury German brand for discerning buyers with pricing near the very top of the appliance scale.

Whirlpool Ice Collection

Whirlpool White Ice

Whirlpool White Ice

Whirlpool's shiny new white appliances have stainless knobs and handles and are dubbed White Ice Collection. The Whirlpool brand describes these appliances as “classic colors refined with metallic finishes for a new level of sophistication”. Just in case White Ice does not fit the bill, Whirlpool is also offering a Black Ice Collection.

Whirlpool White Ice Video


Miele Brilliant White Plus Appliances

European kitchen design is noted for a minimalist style, with sleek, frameless cabinets, and flush-fitting appliances. Miele has been a leader in building appliances that fit seamlessly into modern European cabinets.

Now Miele's new line of white appliances, named Brilliant White Plus, fit beautifully in shiny white European kitchen cabinets. While the look is minimalist, the appliances are packed with high end features designed to appeal to the most discerning of the luxury appliance segment. Miele says, “Architects and designers have long revered the color white for its ability to harmonize and balance space.”

Will these new finishes make the grade? Will other brands chime in and reinvent white? Is stainless headed for the trash heap? “Ten years from now I think we're going to look back at stainless steel and say 'wow,' that's really a 1990s or 2000s kitchen,” says Greg Harth, a design-build contractor based in Spring House, PA. What's your take on the future of appliance colors and finishes?

To get the best selection of major appliances, floor covering, window treatments, and more for your new home or remodeling project consult the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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The Return of Colorful Appliances

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.33.53 AMSome of you may remember when appliances had names like Harvest Gold and Avocado. The colorful appliances of the mid-century ranged from aqua of the 1950s to the harvest gold of the 1970s.  For many decades appliances often came in white, off-white, and black. Then the stainless steel craze arrived.  Now we’re seeing a return to color on appliances ranging from washers, to stoves, to dryers, and to refrigerators.

Adding a colorful red washer and dryer suite to your laundry room can change the functional room into a stylish space. Coordinating the flooring tile or area rug with the appliance color will create a cohesive design you might find in elsewhere in the house but is unexpected in the laundry room.

Kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders, and even coffee makers have been available in colors for a few years now. A brand of stand mixers is known for their quality and rainbow of colorful hues. Larger appliances are beginning to follow this trend in Europe and now this trend is coming to the States.

A suite of kitchen appliances in bright colors can be intense. A single appliance in a bright shade would be a great accent and conversation starter. A range or wall oven in a bright orange or red would look great in a contemporary kitchen featuring other stainless steel elements and appliances. A deep navy stove in a traditional kitchen would add color but not be too garish.  There are so many colorful options should you choose to be bold with colorful appliances.

Take a look at our refrigerator options here.

Shopping for appliances, floor coverings, or window treatments

The best way to shop for your dream kitchen

Internet, phone, email, or in person?

Dream Kitchen

Shopping on the internet.

If you're just getting started and are in the information gathering phase, the internet can be an excellent place to begin. There is a need to be cautious, however. First, make sure that you are looking at current data. When information is posted on the internet it stays there until removed. You may be looking at appliance reviews, model numbers and prices that were posted years ago. In addition, there are unscrupulous, fly-by-night operators on-line that will try to suck you in with unbelievable deals. Beware! Independently confirm with a reliable source what you find on the internet from unfamiliar or suspicious sources. If you deal with Arizona Wholesale Supply Company (AWS), you're working with a company that has been in business since 1944. On the Arizona Wholesale Supply website, you can get information about the best quality product lines and brands that are available, at the lowest possible prices. And you can research specific appliance models using the convenient AWS online catalog.

Working by telephone.

If you have a question about availability of a product or need to check dimensions, a phone call is often the quickest and best way to get an answer. If you live far away from a showroom, sometimes a sales associate can walk you through parts of the selection process by using a combination of phone appointments, and emails.

Exchanging emails.

E-mail is now being used extensively to send information back and forth such as: spec sheets, photos, illustrations, drawings, links to material, and anything that needs to be accessed either visually or written out. E-mail is a great tool to share information quickly.

In-person visits.

If you're outfitting your dream kitchen, at some point you'll want to see and touch the product. Appliance and flooring suppliers have upgraded their showrooms over the years, and will welcome your visit. When you get to the point where you need to sit down with a consultant for some professional help, you should call for an appointment. Make a list of all your questions, gather all your clippings, photos, dimensions, and diagrams, and try to provide your sales consultant with the information that she will need to help you choose well.

ENJOY the process. Creating a new kitchen can be an exciting and fulfilling experience – make the most of it. Call the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply to begin the journey.

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Sub-Zero and Wolf Happy Hour at Arizona Wholesale


Builders, Designers, & More attend Sub-Zero Wolf Event

at Arizona Wholesale Supply, Scottsdale


Beer, wine, appetizers and snacks were plentiful as a number of the Valley's builders and design professionals gathered for Happy Hour in the Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen at Arizona Wholesale Supply in Scottsdale on Weds. April 3rd.

Anthony CouchL

Anthony Couch, Territory Sales Manager demonstrates the new Wolf Steam Convection Oven to a prospective buyer, Essie Patterson.

Tom McIntyre, Arizona Wholesale and Donny Fargo, of Fargo Painting discuss the improving business environment. Donny is President of the Greater Phoenix NARI organization (National Association of the Remodeling Industry)

Robbie Pendergrast

Ethan Allen Design Consultant, Robbi Pendergraft, admiring the Wolf Range in The Living Kitchen display at Arizona Wholesale.

One of the benefits to having such a large display as The *Sub-Zero and Wolf Living Kitchen is the ability to see and touch Sub-Zero and Wolf products in full-scale kitchen settings with all the resources you need to create a dream kitchen of your own. How wonderful to be able to do this while relaxing with a glass of wine or a cold brew and snacking on the tasty treats provided by the folks from Sub-Zero and Wolf.

Follow this blog for appliance advice, news, and events at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.

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*Arizona Wholesale Supply in Scottsdale is the only Sub-Zero and Wolf trade customer in the Phoenix area with a Living Kitchen showroom.



Getting a home ready to sell.

Six home improvements that will pay off.

Real Estate Signs

Real estate prices are on the rise. It could be a good time to get your house ready to sell. Here are a few things that you can do that have a great ratio of cost to benefit.

yard landscaping
  1. Landscaping improvements. What is the curb appeal of your house? The saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression holds true for your home as well. At a minimum make sure that the plants and lawn are trimmed and edged. Your yard must look as good as and preferably better than your neighbors' yards. It's also amazing the difference that some fresh flowers in a planter can make.
  2. Paint. If your house is all neutral colors consider an accent wall. If you have a lot of brightly colored rooms, consider repainting in neutral colors. Ideally your house should be mostly neutral colors so that prospective buyers don't feel that they are going to need to spend a lot of time painting. An accent wall or two will help offset the drabness of an all beige home.
  3. De-clutter. Remove objects from countertops, desks, coffee tables, and end tables – especially personal items. Remove pictures, and items from bookshelves and wall shelves. Remove family pictures or personal items.
  4. Clean-up and touch up. Don't forget to clean windows inside and out. Paint and touch up molding. Fill cracks. If necessary hire a professional to make sure all the little things that need fixing are taken care of. You should not have any leaky or corroded faucets or fixtures.
  5. Accessorize. A few dollars spent on colorful new throw pillows, bed covers, and duvets can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of your home.
  6. Consider kitchen remodeling. You may be able to realize the biggest increase in the value of your home, if you can budget for a new kitchen. Even if all you can do is replace the white or black appliances with stainless steel, potential buyers will consider this a big plus. If your neighborhood is full of homes with standard white and black appliances, think of the positive impression that you will make on potential buyers. They've been looking at standard appliances all week, and then they see your house with upgraded stainless steel appliances. SOLD!!

For advice and ideas on appliance upgrades that won't brake your budget, check with the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply. Don't forget that they also have a huge inventory of closeouts and discontinued models, that might work well to upgrade your kitchen.

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.
Phoenix 602 258-7901, Scottsdale 480 596-0092, Tucson 520 795-4663
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