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Building or remodeling a new home or kitchen in Southern Arizona? If you’re in the building trades you need to explore Arizona Wholesale Supply. Strategically located on Ina Road in Tucson, Arizona Wholesale Supply is Arizona’s leading distributor of Appliances, Floor Covering, Window Treatments, and much more. Founded in 1944, the company is Arizona family owned and operated with locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.








Tucson Branch Manager, Larry Gibbons, is a long-time Tucson resident, and part of the founding family at Arizona Wholesale Supply. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Larry is active in community affairs, and the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association.







Arizona Wholesale Supply is proud to have a full service operation. The staff includes a well-trained, professional sales organization, experienced delivery and installation crews, and factory-authorized service.

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The Tucson location, at  2986 W, Ina Road is a complete design and selection center dedicated to serving the needs of the Southern Arizona homebuilding, contracting, and design community.

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Kitchen Renovation Focuses on Magic Trip

No country has the magical sun-rinsed colors of Greece, as this photo demonstrates. For one couple, the memories of their visits to Greece have made it their favorite travel destination. In order to keep those memories fresh, they decided to renovate their kitchen using this photograph for inspiration. Let’s take a look at how they translated this look.

In the photo below, it’s easy to see how color came into the equation. The bright white stucco walls and clean lines are mirrored in the shiny white contemporary cabinets. The three blues also appear in the kitchen. The rich cobalt blue shows on the back wall, the lighter blue of the small door to the lower left was used for the countertops, and even the vivid turquoise of the upper-right railing shows up in the light turquoise vase sitting on the counter.

The best match comes with the flooring. The couple discovered a good-quality vinyl that echoed the feeling and style of the grey street stones set in concrete. The primary difference in the look was that the vinyl uses a smaller-size stone image, which works better given the smaller dimensions of the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite photo, country or memory? Have you considered using that as a basis for decorating your home? With the right imaginative approach, you too can make your home magically connected to your past and make what was only a vision come to life.  Maybe you’re going on a trip for winter vacation or at the beginning of the year; either way, keep in mind your destination can be your new interior inspiration!

Home Decor – White Kitchens

White kitchens look so clean and crisp. In any style white cabinets look fresh in a kitchen. You can pair them with light counter tops for a very airy space or ground them with darker counter tops and floors.  White cabinets can be paired with a number of counter top materials and flooring for innumerable design options in the kitchen. Think of white kitchens as blank pages waiting for your personal touches.


The brightness of white cabinets can be balanced with a darker counter top as seen in this transitional kitchen. The darker stone counter tops stand out against the expanse of white cabinetry, drawing the eye to the island.  Stainless steel appliances work with the darker counter tops to ground the predominately white kitchen.


The neutral nature of white cabinets mean you can bring in your own personality in accessories, counter stools, and accents. While the cabinets and island in this kitchen lean more toward transitional style, the stools at the island are contemporary. Adding another personal touch is the collection of chickens that perch atop the cabinets.  Both of these personal design features could easily be switched out and the room would feel very different.


Adding a few pops of color can also keep a white kitchen from feeling too sterile. In this kitchen, the chickens add color and pattern. A bowl of citrus or fresh flowers in a vase could also be used to bring in color. Even a colorful striped runner between the island and cabinets would add pattern and interest.

Floor To Ceiling Storage in the Kitchen

Every design evolves over the years and decades. Kitchen design is continually evolving as trends and styles come in and out of fashion.  For many years soffits between the top of the upper cabinets and ceiling were popular design elements in kitchens. Unless there is a venting issue, most kitchen design today does away with soffits, replacing them with additional storage.


The number of kitchen cabinet options has grown over the years. Yes there are still standard heights for upper and lower cabinets but upper cabinets can now have two levels. The height of lower cabinets is more standard to accommodate a counter work surface. Upper cabinet heights can vary to accommodate different ceiling heights as well as storage needs.


This kitchen shows that you can put storage from the floor to the ceiling, even in a kitchen with a small footprint.  Cabinets above the standard row of upper cabinets can be used to store less often used items. A stylish footstool can be used to reach these tall cabinets. Keeping the cabinets light like the tile floor helps the room feel light and airy, rather than overwhelmed by cabinetry.


Kitchen islands are another place for additional storage in the kitchen.  Drawers and cupboards in a kitchen island provide more places to store kitchen essentials. Heavier items like big pots and slow cookers can be stored below the island. Peninsulas are also perfect for adding more storage if an island doesn’t work in your layout.


No matter your kitchen’s size, maximize storage by going from floor to ceiling with your cabinets.

Kitchen Decor Options

For kitchen surfaces like counters, cabinets and floors, you can go with matte or glossy finishes. Both matte and glossy surface work in a kitchen. Which you choose is a matter of personal choice and style. Some surfaces work better with certain design styles than others, but in general surface finish is up to you.


For cabinets, smooth glossy cabinets lend themselves to modern and contemporary designs. Matte finished wood or painted cabinets work well with traditional and country style kitchens. Metal or wood cabinets can be painted with either matte or glossy paints to change the look of the cabinets.


Floors tend to be matte in a kitchen. Stone, vinyl and linoleum all tend to have matte surfaces. Wood floors can be sealed with polyurethane in a range of glosses, including matte, satin and high gloss. Glossy surfaces tend to be slicker so keep this in mind when choosing a finish for your floor.


Counter tops in stone can be honed to a matte finish or polished for a glossy surface. Other materials like laminate tend to be matte. Tile can be done in both shiny and dull surfaces for the backsplash. In the kitchen pictured here, a high gloss surface makes up the backsplash and is reflected in the glossy counter.


The popularity of stainless steel appliances means these appliances will have matte surfaces. Adding in glossy cabinets and/or counters can break up the look of matte appliances. Having a variation in surfaces makes for a more interesting kitchen design.

Warm Woods for a Warm Kitchen

Wood cabinets are the classic choice for cabinetry in the kitchen. The past decade has seen a rise in deep, dark, rich wood cabinets and white cabinets. Along with these trends in cabinet colors, warm natural woods continue to be popular choices in cabinetry both in the kitchen and in other built-ins. The natural wood has a lovely nutty brown color that works with both cool stainless steel appliances and the ever popular granite countertops.


This kitchen is a lovely example of warm wood used in both the cabinetry and the kitchen island. A lighter marble with dark flecks tops the island and countertops. Stainless steel appliances are fitted into custom nooks, including a nook in the island for the microwave that saves counter space. Warm wood tones also balance out the cool metallic of the stainless appliances that continue to be popular. Stainless steel appliances go with every cabinet color.


The warm wood is continued onto the floors.  The honey stain gives the wood a warm tone that would be great with oak, walnut or hickory floors. Maple floors would also be nice with their honey tones. Break up the wide expanses of wood with colorful runners or floor mats for the sink and stove. Even a deeper brown leather mat would add a depth of color to the space.  Picking up the darker flecks of color from the granite in accessories or lighting might be nice too.  The existing metal island lighting nicely plays off the color of the appliances.

Black Accents in the Kitchen

An all black kitchen with black floors, black cabinets and black counters might be too gothic for the majority of people. Dramatic black can have a place in the kitchen as an accent color. Black appliances such as refrigerators and stoves are one of the most popular color choices behind stainless steel and white appliances.


If you love your white or stainless steel appliances and don’t want to switch, adding black accents in the kitchen can easily be done. A few black accents in a white kitchen can create a graphic contrast. Black accents can work in a number of different color cabinets and floors as well as both stainless steel and white appliances.


This kitchen is a great example of various black accents being used in a transitional style décor. Black tiles pop in the black and white backsplash above the stove. The black tiles tie in with the black accents on the stove.  Black drawer pulls add a black accent onto the drawers of the kitchen island.


The counter stool stands out against the warm wood cabinets and floor with its black color. Black wood stools are a great choice in the kitchen because they will not show the dirt like a white or light wood stool will.


Black accents can add depth to a kitchen’s color palette. A few black accessories or counter top appliances easily create a bit of drama on the counter. Sleek black is a great balance to white or colorful kitchens as well as ones that are predominately wood.

Statement Lighting in the Kitchen

Today’s kitchens almost always feature a kitchen island. The kitchen island can be used for prep, cooking and dining. It has become a must have design element in most new kitchens and kitchen remodels.  For this reason, kitchen island lighting has also become an important element in kitchen design today. Proper lighting is a must for all the ways we use our kitchen islands today.


Standard kitchen island lighting is often the pendant light.  You can also use recessed can lights to create pools of light on the island, but the distance to the ceiling means this type of lighting will not be as strong as pendant lighting.  Pendant lights can be hung in pairs or groups of three to cover the expanse of island countertop.


The range of pendant lights available on the market means you can find a pendant light that matches your style and personality.  Go with an interesting lighting option to make the kitchen feel uniquely yours. Take into consideration cabinet, flooring and counter top styles and colors when making your selection.  It is alright to deliberately mix up styles by adding a contemporary pendant light in a transitional kitchen or a more traditional pendant in a contemporary kitchen.


Lighting is a great way to make a statement in the kitchen.  No matter the kind of pendant lighting you choose for your island, be sure to put it on a dimmer switch so you can create a variety of moods for every task your island handles.

White in the Kitchen

Traditional kitchen design for years has featured both upper and lower cabinets. These cabinets come in a myriad of wood tones, styles and finishes, including glass front cabinet doors.  Today we are seeing a break from traditional kitchen cabinets.  Upper cabinets are sometimes being replaced with open shelves while lower cabinets are giving way to deep drawers.


Having lower cabinets can mean pots and pans get lost in the back of the cabinet unless you have slide out shelves. Slide out shelves mimic drawers and keep the unified look of cabinet doors throughout the kitchen.  However, these shelves are a premium and can add additional money to the kitchen cabinet budget.


The kitchen shown here has upper cabinets above the counters and drawers below.  As seen on the island, drawers can be of varying heights, including deep drawers to accommodate larger pots and pans. The drawers slide completely out so there is no more crawling on the floor and reaching to the back of the bottom cabinet to find the missing pan.


Along with using drawers instead of lower cabinets, some newer kitchen designs feature open shelving instead of upper cabinets. This can be a nice addition to cabinets but requires you to be very organized if all of your plates and glassware are on display.


Kitchen design is continually evolving and trends come and go.  Stainless steel appliances, stone floors, engineered hardwood floors, glass tile backsplashes, kitchen islands are all some of the most recent trends that seem to be lasting.

Galley Kitchens

Apartments and smaller homes often have galley kitchens. These narrow spaces are called galley kitchens after the galleys on boats. A small and narrow footprint can in reality be a highly functional kitchen space if the appliances are laid out in a proper work triangle.


The benefit of a galley kitchen is that there are very few steps between the stove, fridge and sinks, the work triangle of any kitchen. It may not be possible to open the fridge and the oven at the same time, as in this kitchen, but when does that ever really happen.


Galley kitchens can work if you have one chef in the family.  Getting two or more people in a galley kitchen can be tricky. Having enough counter space can also be tricky. Having a microwave built into a cabinet or above the stove is a good way to save valuable counter space in a galley or any small kitchen.


When placing flooring in a galley kitchen, don’t fight against the natural narrowness of the space. Wood floors should be installed with the boards running the same direction as the counters.  Emphasize the length of the kitchen to make it feel larger.


In smaller kitchens the total amount of materials will be less than in a larger kitchen. This means you can splurge on the granite countertops, the more expensive cabinets and the better quality floor. The bulk of your budget will still be on the appliances. To save space, use a counter depth refrigerator. Every inch counts in a galley kitchen.