The Return of Colorful Appliances

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.33.53 AMSome of you may remember when appliances had names like Harvest Gold and Avocado. The colorful appliances of the mid-century ranged from aqua of the 1950s to the harvest gold of the 1970s.  For many decades appliances often came in white, off-white, and black. Then the stainless steel craze arrived.  Now we’re seeing a return to color on appliances ranging from washers, to stoves, to dryers, and to refrigerators.

Adding a colorful red washer and dryer suite to your laundry room can change the functional room into a stylish space. Coordinating the flooring tile or area rug with the appliance color will create a cohesive design you might find in elsewhere in the house but is unexpected in the laundry room.

Kitchen appliances like mixers and blenders, and even coffee makers have been available in colors for a few years now. A brand of stand mixers is known for their quality and rainbow of colorful hues. Larger appliances are beginning to follow this trend in Europe and now this trend is coming to the States.

A suite of kitchen appliances in bright colors can be intense. A single appliance in a bright shade would be a great accent and conversation starter. A range or wall oven in a bright orange or red would look great in a contemporary kitchen featuring other stainless steel elements and appliances. A deep navy stove in a traditional kitchen would add color but not be too garish.  There are so many colorful options should you choose to be bold with colorful appliances.

Take a look at our refrigerator options here.

Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling Books

Two great choices available through

Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and Bath Design: A Guide to Planning Basics

by Mary Fisher Knott

The all-in-one reference to designing stunning and functional kitchens and baths

Designing for today's kitchens and baths requires technical savvy, a keen eye for aesthetics, and perhaps most important of all, the ability to coordinate efforts across many disciplines. Kitchen and Bath Design simplifies these complex decision-making processes with a comprehensive strategy for achieving kitchen and bath designs that successfully integrate beauty and practicality—while meeting client expectations. Fundamental design basics are covered, along with a host of important issues that designers must consider when conceptualizing these specialized rooms, such as ergonomics, codes and safety requirements, proper lighting and ventilation, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, wall surfaces, and more. Some of the topics that appear in this book include:

  • A detailed introduction to construction, plumbing, and electrical basics
  • A systematic approach to incorporating “green,” energy-conscious design
  • An overview of crucial design elements, including pattern, texture, line, form or mass, color, space and light, and sound
  • The latest building codes and manufacturers' guidelines

Written by Mary Fisher Knott, a leading expert in interior design, Kitchen and Bath Design uses three-dimensional drawings and corresponding photographs to deliver valuable information that is critical when it comes to planning, designing, specifying, estimating, building, pricing, or evaluating a kitchen or bathroom. Whether they're working on a new or existing space, professional designers can apply the lessons learned from this current andaccessible resource to masterfully take on all kitchen or bathroom projects—from the simplest to the most highly challenging.

Candice Olson Kitchens & Baths

Candice Olson Kitchens and Baths

by Candice Olson

Popular TV star Candice Olson shows you how to create your dream kitchen and bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly renovated rooms–and also the best investment with the highest payback value upon resale. This book is chock full of tips, inspiration, and ideas from popular TV star Candice Olson, whose designs have wowed fans around the world. Brimming with hundreds of full-color, before-and-after photos of Candice's stunning room makeovers, the book gives advice for choosing colors, materials, and furnishings to make any space shine.

Divine Design Tips for the Kitchen & Bath from Candice Olson

1. Taking the time to plan for adequate lighting in any space is critical, but never more so than in the kitchen and bathroom. Just spend some time really evaluating your lighting needs. What elements of a room do you want to play up? Aside from a central ceiling fixture, consider task lighting under kitchen cabinets, wall sconces on each side of the bathroom mirror, or accent lighting to play up stunning artwork or furniture pieces.

2. Today’s kitchen and bath tiles come in a never-ending array of colors, but there is one thing you should remember when selecting tiles for showers or kitchen counters. Simply put, unless you’re going to take the time to wipe down the shower every day, stay away from dark tiling.

3. In this era of environmentally friendly design, the lowly dimmer switch has come a long way! Today you can purchase dimmer switches that can be pre-programmed to automatically change the lighting level in a room. With the touch of a button on the wall or the click of a remote control, different lighting levels can be called up.

Candice Olson is one of North America's leading professional designers. Her long-running television series, Divine Design with Candice Olson, has been seen by millions of viewers around the world. She has appeared on such shows at Today, The View, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. In 2005, Candice launched the Candice Olson Collection, her own successful brand of licensed product lines, including upholstered furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, lighting, case goods, and bedding. Her first book, Candice Olson on Design, has sold more than 200,000 copies. Her new show, Candice Tells All, debuted on HGTV in January 2011. A native of Calgary, Alberta, Candice lives in Toronto with her husband and two children.

The above content was excerpted from

Following are comments from the applianceguru:

In Kitchen and Bath Design author and design professional Mary Fisher Knott offers up a comprehensive primer on Kitchens and Baths. This book would be an terrific reference for anyone embarking on a major kitchen and/or bath project.

Candice Olson Kitchen and Baths by Candice Olson is a fun book to review some of the kitchens featured on Olson's TV show and get some great tips on your project. Olson puts her many design talents to work in her popular show and this book is a compilation of many of her most successful and creative design solutions.

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Kitchen Renovation Focuses on Magic Trip

No country has the magical sun-rinsed colors of Greece, as this photo demonstrates. For one couple, the memories of their visits to Greece have made it their favorite travel destination. In order to keep those memories fresh, they decided to renovate their kitchen using this photograph for inspiration. Let’s take a look at how they translated this look.

In the photo below, it’s easy to see how color came into the equation. The bright white stucco walls and clean lines are mirrored in the shiny white contemporary cabinets. The three blues also appear in the kitchen. The rich cobalt blue shows on the back wall, the lighter blue of the small door to the lower left was used for the countertops, and even the vivid turquoise of the upper-right railing shows up in the light turquoise vase sitting on the counter.

The best match comes with the flooring. The couple discovered a good-quality vinyl that echoed the feeling and style of the grey street stones set in concrete. The primary difference in the look was that the vinyl uses a smaller-size stone image, which works better given the smaller dimensions of the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite photo, country or memory? Have you considered using that as a basis for decorating your home? With the right imaginative approach, you too can make your home magically connected to your past and make what was only a vision come to life.  Maybe you’re going on a trip for winter vacation or at the beginning of the year; either way, keep in mind your destination can be your new interior inspiration!

Stylish Kitchen Appliances

Do you want to get new kitchen appliances? Do you like stainless steel, but want something a little different? Take a look at these options. They’re trendy and can add a clean design element with the pops of stainless steel.

The stainless steel accents give the appliances a classic, clean look with a splash of elegance. Also, the options of the appliances in black and white are very classic choices that you will be pleased with for years to come.

The black and white gives you a wide range of kitchen design options. Add any cabinet, backsplash, or countertop color and they’ll go with everything!  A bold red tile for a backsplash and dark wood cabinetry with the black appliances–can you picture it? What about a light, ocean mixed blue backsplash and buttercream painted cabinetry with the white appliances?  The design elements are endless!

If you want an updated look in your kitchen, but aren’t looking for the all stainless steel appliances, then these are perfect for you! Visit our website for more information on these particular appliances or leave us a comment.

Choosing a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Design

Tips on selecting a designer for your new kitchen.

Do some research on what you want in a new kitchen. You have to have a starting point, so before you get involved in the process of picking a kitchen designer do a bit of due diligence. Visit a few model homes. Check out a few supplier showrooms. Pick up some magazines with kitchen plans. Start making lists. Think about how you want your new kitchen to work. What do you like and not like about your existing kitchen? You want to be able to articulate to a potential designer your vision for your new kitchen.

Ask for recommendations. If you see a kitchen you like, ask who the designer was. If you have a supplier you trust, ask them if they know a good designer. Try to get good recommendations for three kitchen designers, and make appointments with them. Here are some questions you will need to ask

How long have you been in business?

What are your qualifications and education? You'll want to know if they are a member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), or NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), and what certifications they've earned.

How do you work? This is a general question, but it gives the designer a chance to talk about their business from their perspective rather than just give you rote answers to your questions. You may learn more this way than with a specific list. If they don't expand on this you'll want to follow up with the questions below:

  • How are your fees determined? What are the payment options? Will you provide cost breakdowns and options?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Can I see pictures of kitchens you've completed?
  • How would the project be scheduled? When would it start and how long will it take to finish?
  • Can I have a copy of your standard agreement?

You'll want to be able to choose among designers, and pick the one who you feel that you can work with best. It's not only a matter of costs, or initials behind the name. You need to be comfortable with this person. It's a working relationship.

For help with your kitchen appliances you can be comfortable with the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company. Call or visit today:

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Ideas for a “Wow” Kitchen

Thinking of renovating your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start? How about beginning with our design center? We’ve created some kitchen vignettes designed to give you ideas for your own home.

We welcome you to come and visit our Scottsdale location. With three large areas that include creative approaches to kitchen design, a living kitchen with working appliances and equipment, and our flooring, stone and tile showroom.  We can offer everything you need to create that amazing kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

Would you take a chance with the purple wall in the photo above? What about pendant lights over your island? Have you thought about special features such as a griddle or deep fat fryer as part of your range? Maybe you have always wanted a wine cooler.

Are you drawn more to lighter cabinets? The photo to the right shows you what you can do with maple cabinets and a contrasting red backsplash. Would you like a backsplash like this, or maybe one that’s even more daring to help make your kitchen a style knockout? Arizona Wholesale is your one-stop shop for the best appliances and finishes you want in your home.

Any of these choices and more can be explored in our design center. Our goal is to give you a chance to see a rich selection of options in a space that allows you to visualize your finished kitchen. And if you’re not ready to renovate yet but want to get a feel for what’s available, you’re welcome to come and just look. We’re here for you – to help make your kitchen dreams come true.


A Design Idea for Refrigerators

work triangle

work triangle

Forget the work triangle. Point of use refrigerators change everything. There are some new opportunities for creativity in appliance placement. Major appliances fall into three general categories: cooking, cleaning, and cooling. In cooling, we've seen a lot of changes in the past few years with the advent of refrigerator columns, refrigerator and freezer drawers, and a variety of wine units.

integrated drawers

SubZero Integrated Drawers

More than just new appliances, these new products give designers and consumers an opportunity to re-think where and how these appliances can be used. The traditional work triangle imagines A refrigerator, A sink, and A cooking area. However, we're now seeing how these areas can be broken up. Think of a “main” refrigerator unit perhaps a column in a central location, and a freezer drawer unit in a nearby pantry or storage area. Next to the sink is a refrigerator drawer unit, and a wine cellar displays a collection of fine wines in the adjacent den/library.

Undercounter Refrigration

True Wine and Beverage Units

Appliance location can be configured around usage rather than have usage being determined by appliance location. Consult your design professional or visit the appliance experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.

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Make a Statement with Granite

Take a well-designed kitchen and add a luscious slab of hand-selected granite and kick everything up a notch.

By choosing a slab with personality such as this one, the countertop and backsplash add the dramatic touch that make this space stand out. The movement of gold through the light and dark greys of this granite turn the surface into a work of art.

If you are planning a kitchen, bath or bar counter like this one, a careful selection of granite can make the space come to life. Notice how the stainless steel pops against the darker grey and the wood cabinets tie in with the gold. This granite choice pulls both elements together to create an integrated whole.

With Arizona Wholesale, you have the opportunity to select your own granite slab. To choose the best option for your home, bring samples of any surrounding finishes, including cabinets and your metal surface choice. You may have selected your granite based on the samples, but once you see the full slabs, don’t feel obligated to stay with the same type. You may find that another choice that you never considered before captures your attention. That’s the advantage of looking at full slabs before you make your final selection.

Color, contrast and pattern combine to create the finished look of your granite. Because of cut requirements, it’s hard to say what part of the pattern will appear on what section of your final installation. But with a good choice, your home will shine with the power of this versatile and beautiful stone.

Take a look at our countertop options for more ideas!