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Times Are Changing in Appliances

Years ago, I saved a clipping from an appliance magazine with the average life of various kitchen appliances. A refrigerator was good for an average of 25 years, but a dishwasher only 11 years. A gas range? Well, I think my grandma's old range outlived her.

Things have changed. “Back in the day” a range could weigh 200 pounds. Today, we have a federal law requiring that your range be fastened to the floor to keep it from tipping over when you put any weight on the open door.

On the other hand, a new appliance today may use only a fraction of the electricity than it did 10 years ago. They run quieter, and they perform better than every before. The only real downside is that, in general, they don't last as long as the appliances of our parents and grandparents.

A New Trend in Premium Kitchen Appliances

When was the last time you replaced your appliances? I was surprised to discover in a recent survey of designers that their clients were likely to redo their kitchens every ten years, just to keep up with trends and colors. If you're planning on a kitchen remodel soon, here is a new product that just might be here to stay:

One of the new appliances that have hit the appliance industry in the last few years is built-in coffee makers. Here's one of our favorites:

Jenn-Air® Built-In Coffee System – JCB7624BS


  • Automatic Brewed Grounds Collection
  • Coffee Measuring Scoop:
  • Concealed Storage Trays:
  • Cup Tray with Integrated Drip Tray:
  • Easy Access Component Bay:
  • Empty Waste Coffee Container Alert:
  • Fill Beans Container Alert:
  • Fill Tank Alert:
  • Ground Coffee Compatibility

Here's what Jenn-Air has to say about their superior method of brewing espresso.

The Jenn-Air® built-in coffee system is calibrated to brew espresso to the exacting standards of espresso connoisseurs and coffee aficionados – the people who truly appreciate every aspect of coffee that is prepared perfectly. Our system is designed to dispense the right amount of espresso, at the right temperature, for the maximum flavor profile and aroma.

The Jenn-Air® built-in coffee system is calibrated to brew espresso to the exacting standards of espresso connoisseurs and coffee aficionados…

Many single-boiler espresso machines are unable to maintain adequate water temperature when brewing, beginning the brewing process with water much too hot and ending the brewing cycle with water that is lukewarm at best. Other espresso machines also dispense up to 12 ounces of espresso, over-extracting the grounds and watering down the espresso, making it bitter and weak.

By contrast, the Jenn-Air® built-in coffee system’s dual boilers easily maintain the water temperature between 185 and 203 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal range for brewing espresso. Our system only dispenses between one and four ounces of espresso, the perfect size to best appreciate the full spectrum of espresso’s flavors.

With our system, your customers have the freedom to customize their espresso and espresso-based beverages to their tastes, all the while knowing that they will be enjoying espresso brewed to the highest standards.

The Jenn-Air® Coffee System, other major appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, water systems, and much more can be purchased through your designer or builder at Arizona Wholesale Supply. Contact us today for more information.

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Sub-Zero and Wolf Unveil Report on Kitchen Design Trends

Sub-Zero, Inc. and Wolf Appliance, Inc., industry leaders in premium refrigeration and cooking appliances, joined forces with three of the nation’s top designers to showcase a report on how kitchen design is evolving, including the identification of future trends.

Nationally acclaimed designers Mick De Giulio, Jamie Drake, and Matthew Quinn teamed up with Sub-Zero and Wolf to author a report, which was released during a presentation at the Sub-Zero and Wolf Manhattan showroom last week.

“Throughout the years, we have seen kitchens evolve through our biennial Kitchen Design Contest, which honors the design trade’s greatest work,” said Paul Leuthe, Corporate Marketing Manager for Sub-Zero and Wolf. “Each contest, we review thousands of kitchens.

Consequently, we have a wealth of knowledge on evolving designs and trends, and we are able to draw on these resources to forecast for the future. Jamie, Matthew, and Mick have all been a significant part of the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest over the years, and we have key insight from their own professional experiences that we could share.”

Drawing on historical context, current design trends, and future projections, the designers outlined the following key trends:

  • Integration of lifestyle into the kitchen
  • “Green” has evolved into a “health and wellness” focus
  • Personal experience as a driver of design
  • Honest use of noble materials
  • Technological innovation is front and center

Since founding de Giulio kitchen design in Chicago in 1984, Mick De Giulio has been creating extraordinary kitchens for distinctive residences throughout the United States and abroad. In 2005, he was recognized by Kitchen & Bath Business as one of the 50 most influential people in the kitchen and bath industry over the last 50 years.

“There has been a dramatic shift – a fundamental cultural shift – in the last decade,” said De Giulio. “Families are gravitating toward this notion of “kitchen centricity” – the energy of the home is truly centered in the kitchen.”

New York-based interior designer Jamie Drake launched his design firm, Drake Design Associates, in 1978. Since then, he has been awarded numerous accolades from ASID’s Platinum Award to his induction into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. He has completed a vast array of projects for an impressive roster of clients, from Madonna to New York’s Mayor Bloomberg.

“We are now seeing clients infuse meaningful personal experiences in kitchen design,” said Drake. “The application of global and custom elements is wonderfully exciting, particularly in a room of the house that was once so utilitarian.”

Matthew Quinn, principal of the Atlanta-based Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio, is a leading expert in kitchen design. He recently founded the Matthew Quinn Collection, a new showroom concept in luxury kitchen, bath, and architectural hardware. His timeless work and principle of design, “form follows function,” have earned myriad design awards.

“New technologies are the game-changers in kitchen design,” said Quinn. “We are now able to seamlessly blend the kitchen with the rest of the house in a way that responds to our changing lifestyle.”

Since 1993, Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Kitchen Design Contest honors the world’s leading designers who have helped make Sub-Zero and Wolf the quintessential components of the uncompromised kitchen. The most respected contest within the design industry, the Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest recently named top award winners of its 2008-09 contest at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.

Release date: October 11, 2010