Rooms That Benefit From Renovation

If you are thinking of renovating a part of your home, how do you decide which rooms to make over? It can benefit your family now and later for re-sale value, if you renovate certain spaces and keep them up to date!

Start in the kitchen if you can. Having an up to date kitchen benefits all members of the family because typically kitchens are the headquarters of the home. This is where we cook, eat meals, do homework and DIY projects. Other families feel the same benefits you do when the kitchen is up to date and accommodating. The kitchen is the first thing perspective buyers look at, even if they don’t cook. They want to have a modern up to date kitchen no matter the circumstances.  New appliances and fixtures are the quickest way to give a boost to your kitchen!

The master suite is the next amenity that all perspective buyers analyze.  Whether the buyer is single or married, the potential new owners of the house will want a generous space to claim as their own. The bedroom should be large and spacious. His and hers closets are a hit in any master suite.

The master bathroom should also be spacious with a double vanity, where two individuals can prepare for their day. A separate room for the toilet is ideal. A spa tub with an accompanying shower is always a hit with perspective buyers.

The remaining bathrooms should be updated if possible. Other members of the family and guests appreciate a nice modern bathroom. Out of date bathrooms turn off possible buyers who don’t want to buy a property that needs immediate work.

The living area is also important to buyers. This space makes a big impression on guests and is also the location where the family relaxes and spends much of their time together. This room should have ample space for the television – an item that will likely be upgraded over time.

By keeping your home updated, not only will you get more enjoyment out of your home, so will the next family!  If you have any questions about where to start, Arizona Wholesale can help with plenty of ideas.  

Arranging Seating Areas in the Living Room

No matter what size living room you have, if you like to entertain frequently you need to give some consideration to your seating. From conversation areas to quiet reading nooks, proper seating arrangements can help make an entire room flow together beautifully.

Types of Seating Arrangements

There are several different ways you can arrange the seating in the living room of your home. The idea is to create as many different groups as you can within the space, while still leaving plenty of room to navigate the area easily.

Group seating areas are meant for three or more people to gather together. This could be a couch opposite a chair, two loveseats or couches opposite one another, or a loveseat, couch, and chair all arranged around a coffee table. Group seating areas are generally in the center of the room. If you have enough space, you can even set two group seating areas back to back in the middle of a large room.

Intimate seating areas are for two people to talk quietly together. This is usually two arm chairs and an end table. They can be placed near a window or in front of a fireplace or other area that invites conversation.

Quiet seating areas are for a single person to use at a time. This usually consists of a single arm chair, usually with a small table and/or lamp nearby. These seating areas may be tucked into corners or next to bookcases or other large or built in furnishings.

Seating Area Tips

Make your seating areas better and more suited to the room they are in with these tips.

  • Use temporary seating in small spaces such as pillows and ottomans. You can stack them on the sides of the room when not in use.
  • Walk through the room to all the various seating areas and make sure they are easily accessible, and that they are not blocking the path to other parts of the room.
  • Try to make sure that each seating area has a table nearby, as well as plenty of light.
  • Make sure that the main seating area in the room is grouped around a focal point to ensure its use.

International Flair

This room takes advantage of a number of international elements while still providing a comfortable contemporary space. If you’re fortunate enough to have travelled and collected art and other items from a number of countries, take the opportunity to use them to add personality and your own touch to your home.

The wood floor and cream walls provide a good base for the variety of colors and textures featured in this room. Simple architectural elements such as the black molding and the wood surround on the door provide additional charm without distracting from the rich selection of international elements. The straightforward sofa, coffee table and ottoman also work well as a backdrop to the more design-rich pieces.

Let’s start with the light fixture. Most people wouldn’t think of buying a light as a souvenir from another country, but this unique look helps to set the stage for the room’s design.

Give up the idea of having elements match each other. When you purchase international goods, everything will be different, so celebrate that. Take a look at the two candlesticks on the coffee table. On the left an old carved wood carries a red taper that sets off the rich patina of weathered wood. On the right an intricate brass candlestick carries a warm cream candle. Similarities come from the rounded shapes and heights, but the differences work.

The throw pillows are in basic domestic fabrics, but they provide an opportunity to bring in textiles from other countries in the future. A rich area rug could be purchased here in the U.S. or possibly selected from a Turkish bazaar. When you begin with a good basic look of wood floor and earth-tone furniture, you can add those exciting international elements and make your home intriguingly yours.

A Cozy Family Room Décor

Whether you are decorating a family room for a new house, or redecorating the one you have; there are some certain things to consider. A Family Room is most often a mixed-use type room. Normally it’s a place for the family to unwind at the end of the day, it’s sometimes used for family game nights, and occasionally used to entertain guests while watching “The Big Game” on TV. At least once a year this space is used to accommodate an overflow of family guests during the holidays. The reason this type of room is considered “mixed use” is because it’s casual, comfortable, has the most seating and the best TV to watch. When decorating this type of room, keep function and comfort as your top two priorities.

Wall color should be an inviting color in a warm tone, such as tan, gold, rust or an earth tone green. The color of the walls has a way of setting the tone immediately. It provides a warm setting and compliments other warm furnishings in the room.

Occasional and accent furniture (tables etc.) look best in this type of setting when they are made of wood and finished with a darker stain with light distressing. The sheen of the stain used should be more honed and less polished. This will ensure added warmth to the space as well as hide knicks and scratches.

Lighting in a family room is very important. Select lighting that puts out a warm yellow glow. Overhead lighting should be able to dim. This is important because on one instance you may need more light while playing games, on the other hand having lighting with dimming capabilities is nice to have when watching a movie.

Accessories should include collections of books, family photos in frames on tables as well as on the walls. Take advantage of a family room by highlighting memories made by family members.

Keep in mind that all furnishings in a family room should be comfortable, durable and functional. It is also nice to have plenty of storage for winter blankets, games etc.!