Column Refrigerators, Freezers, and Wine Storage

While there are no official criteria or definitions for column refrigeration units, we’re going to define them as full-height, *built-in refrigerator, freezer, and wine units.

The main advantages to columns are the flexibility of capacity and location. Depending on the appliance brand, column widths include 18”, 22” (Miele), 24”, 30”, and 36”.  Smaller families might prefer an 18” wide freezer and a 30” refrigerator, while a larger family may want a 24” freezer and a 36” wide refrigerator. The two units may be placed next to each other in a side-by-side configuration below, or they may be used as bookends perhaps with workspace, a dishwasher, and a sink separating them. 

In the configuration below, an appliance wall features separate wine storage, freezer, and refrigerator.






Early on, European brands Miele, Gaggenau, and Thermador brands dominated the column refrigeration category. While all are made in the same factory in Turkey, the three brands have different features. Sub Zero, with their massive new refrigeration launch beginning in 2013, quickly became a major factor in column refrigeration. More recently, Bosch (parent of the Gagganau, Thermador brands) has added column refrigeration, as has GE Monogram. Other brands promoting columns are  Marvel, and the commercial oriented refrigerator brand Perlick.

As you might expect, purchasing separate units is likely to cost more than a single refrigerator/freezer unit. Nevertheless, columns are becoming increasingly popular. It appears that to be a member in good standing in the luxury category, brands must offer column refrigeration. Hence, Dacor and Jenn-Air have recently entered the fray with refrigerator columns, and GE Monogram has just announced a 120,000 square foot expansion at its Selma, Tenn. refrigerator plant for new column refrigerators and freezers.

*Frigidaire/Electrolux needs a mention here, because of their “all refrigerator” and “all freezer” configurations. However, they are not true built-ins, but what the industry considers counter depth models. This means that they can not be installed flush with the cabinet fronts.

COMING SOON:  Part 2 of this series on refrigeration focuses on key features of specific column refrigerator brands.

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Appliance Styles Determine Kitchen Look

What's your kitchen style? According to a recent survey by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), designers are moving away from traditional and contemporary styles, and favoring transitional designs. Regardless of choices for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting, appliance choices will definitely have an influence on the overall outcome of the kitchen. Here are a few appliance styles to consider.

Professional Style



The professional or restaurant style characterized by big knobs, bulky towel bar handles, and stainless steel finishes remains a strong front runner in luxury appliances. As a category, Viking Range really pioneered this look throughout the 90's, though Jenn-Air has the trademark on the name Pro-Style™.

European Style


Miele Appliances

Streamlined appliances with a flush minimalist look are credited to the European brands such as Miele and Gaggenau. They're designed to look good in flat front European cabinets with sleek, shiny fronts.


Sub Zero Integrated

Sub Zero Integrated

Fully integrated appliances are made to fit within the confines of surrounding cabinets with no toe kicks or air vents so that the appliances cannot be distinguished from the surrounding cabinets. Though the European brands deserve some credit for the flush look, Sub-Zero gets a lot of credit in this area with their 700 series, and now their new line includes many integrated models including a wide array of column refrigerators.


Heartland Retro Range

Heartland Range

Some people want a kitchen just like Grandma had. A number of brands have sought to take advantage of the desire for retro appliances. Aga Marvel has a specialty brand, Heartland, that offers the most extensive line of retro appliances in the industry. Aga itself, a British name, continues to make its cooker in a farmhouse or cottage style dating back perhaps to Great-Grandma.

Aga Cooker

Aga Cooker

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