How Can I Accent My Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring makes a beautiful addition to any home. For rooms that need a little more style than even the most exotic hardwood can bring, though, there are several ways that you can accent the floor to highlight the space.

Contrasting Wood Tones

One way you can boost the appeal of your flooring and highlight the shape of your room at the same time is to outline your space with a single line of contrasting wood running through the home. Pick a dark-colored or stained hardwood that will stand out against the rest of the wood and install it a few rows in from the edges of the walls, outlining the room or rooms of your home. This subtle accent highlights the shape of the rooms without adding any extra pattern or design.

Use a Hardwood Floor Accent

Did you know that there are accents out there made just for hardwood floors? These decorative border pieces are the same thickness and width as your floor boards and are designed to be installed with a field of plain hardwood for a more prominent accent. They often come in repeating patterns and may be made out of water-jet cut wood or stone that has been pieced together in a unique way.

Change Your Pattern

If you want to emphasize a certain area of a room, such as the space where your dining room table goes, consider just changing the pattern your hardwood is laid in. For example, you can lay the wood straight until it reaches the designated area, then lay a single row as a border and fill in the interior with a herringbone pattern to offset it from the rest of the room.

Install a Medallion

If you really want to make a statement in a room such as a foyer or entryway, consider installing a medallion in your hardwood floor. Floor medallions are large murals made of stone or wood that has been pieced together into patterns. With new water-jet technologies, medallions can now be produced in nearly any pattern or design from a coat-of-arms to silhouettes.

Update Your Floor

With just a little imagination, you can update and transform your hardwood flooring into something amazing. All you may need is a little accent.

Medallions Add Old-World Charm

In ancient Rome, mosaics of stone provided a permanent piece of art in the homes of the wealthier families. Today, we can place this old-world element in our homes without having to hire our own artist in stone thanks to the wealth of dramatic designs commercially available.

Medallions and other mosaics make a statement in a home. You can place them in a foyer to add a unique style to your home’s entrance, or where several hallways meet to add a special touch of interest as people move from one room to another. Medallions can also emphasize an architectural detail. For example, the circular mosaic in the picture above echoes the shape of the space while adding color and pattern the way a rug would without creating a tripping hazard in a well-travelled area.

Design options such as medallions come in all styles and materials. Good installers can position them seamlessly in a stone floor. Other than sealing any grout lines, maintenance is the same as for any stone surface.

As you can see from the image to the right, you can place furniture on a medallion, allowing the piece to serve as a decorative foundation for a table or other furnishings. In this case the medallion matches the shape of the table’s base, helping both pieces integrate into the foyer.

Homeowners have been adding design to their homes through this type of art for centuries. Even though we aren’t in Rome, consider doing as the Romans did and add a special feature to your floors, walls or anywhere you are adding stone.  Maybe your selection will enchant archeologists of the future as well as visitors today.

Medallions Add a Focal Point

If your home doesn’t have a natural focal point, consider adding something to draw attention to a key area in your home. A medallion such as this one can be just the eye-catching element needed to make a space unique.

Medallions such as this one are available in stone and wood. This medallion showcases several tones of gold and a light neutral ivory marble. The clean lines and sparkling surface work well contrasted with the large blocks of limestone that make up the rest of the flooring.

Pre-cut medallions come in a broad variety of materials and styles. The first step in deciding whether a medallion would work for you is a visit to our showroom to see the selection. In addition to stone, a wood medallion is a striking addition to a home. Using a number of tones of wood, these also create a dramatic focal point on your floor.

Walk through your home to see if you have a good location for installing a medallion. They add a spark to an entryway – creating a mood from the time people walk into your home. Add one to the center of a great room and the entire space seems to radiate out from it. If your home has a central location with a number of rooms radiating out, that spot might benefit from a medallion.

Whether your home’s style is traditional or modern, there’s a medallion that will work for you. When you’re ready to replace your flooring, think about adding something special with a medallion in your home.