Saving Money on Luxury Appliances

Appliance Returns, Open Boxes, and Blemishes

Almost by definition, luxury appliances are expensive. It's hard to find a bargain when it comes to exclusive super-premium brands. High pricing seems like a badge of honor for some exclusive brands, and manufacturer pricing policies such as MSRP and UMRP work to keep market prices uniform. However, when appliance items are returned, get discontinued, or damaged, some really great appliance bargains can be found.

A few years ago, a local contractor, Michael Margolin, was searching for a bargain for his son, Simon, who was remodeling the kitchen in an older home in Hollywood Hills. It was a major project that Simon and his wife were undertaking. Even though it was a premier location, Simon and his wife had a limited budget. Michael knew that Arizona Wholesale carried luxury brands along with all the standard popular brands, that production builders use.

During Margolin's visit to Arizona Wholesale, inside sales associate Victor was able to outfit Michael with luxury appliances from Miele and Wolf that worked for Simon's new kitchen. The appliances were open stock with a variety of blemishes, scratches, or defects that meant that no buyer would be willing to pay full price. However, the damage and flaws were either located where they would not be visible, or they were repairable with some refinishing or new parts. Here's a photo of the Wolf Range model that Margolin was able to pick up at a bargain.

Of course, there are risks with buying scratch and dents. They're usually sold as is, and may not carry a full factory warranty. In addition, if you require a specific brand and model, your chances of finding the exact item you want are very slim. At Arizona Wholesale the experienced sales associates can guide you through the process and you get to decide, if this is right for you. In the Margolins' case, it worked out very well indeed. See photo below:

Margolin Remodel

Wolf Range - Miele Wine Unit


The finished remodeling project was so stunning that it was featured in a Houzz Kitchen of the Week. Click on the link below:

Bringing back glamour to a Hollywood Hills Home

The moral to this story is that if you find yourself in a bind and cannot get the appliances you need at the going price, visit Arizona Wholesale and ask about the closeouts, scratch and dents, and open products for extra savings.

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Fixing The Galley Kitchen

Efficiency and Space in an updated Galley Kitchen

The term galley kitchen goes back to the galleys on ships and carries forward to home kitchens that are built in an aisle with counters, cabinets, and appliances facing each other as in this photo (This Old House).


Galley kitchens are the antithesis of the open kitchens that are de riguer these days. Galley kitchens are closed off, and can be cramped and crowded to work in. If you have a galley kitchen, and want a more open kitchen, you should work with a designer to explore your options. Occasionally, a wall can be opened to create addition space, or a window might be added to give a more open look and feel.

However, while opening things up in your galley kitchen creates a more open feel, it often doesn't create additional space. If you need additional cabinets, more counter space, or freedom from bumping into appliances that stick-out into the room here are 3 ideas from the appliance guru that might help.

1. Counter depth or built-in appliances

Most appliance manufacturers now offer counter-depth refrigerators that will not push out into your kitchen aisle, and some brands have built-in refrigerators, that will be flush with your cabinet faces. However, it's not unusual for freestanding ranges to stick out a bit into the kitchen, and some pro ranges will stick out more than just a bit, so take care when choosing a range. Since galley kitchens usually have opposing workspaces, it's important that refrigerator, range and dishwasher doors have enough clearance to fully open,

While some dishwashers have fronts that can stick out a bit from the cabinet front, others can be installed flush. Always be careful about installing dishwashers in a corner. If the dishwasher has a protruding handle, it may prevent an adjacent corner door or drawer from opening.

2. Narrow width appliances.

With influence from Europe, there has been a revival of smaller width appliances. Luxury brands such as Wolf and Miele offer 24″ wide ovens along with their standard width American-sized models. Similarly, there are also more choices in 24-inch wide freestanding and slide-in ranges. All of these options create more space in cramped galley kitchens.

3. More accessible appliances.

There are a host of new appliances now on the market that are designed to provide greater accessibility. For example, nearly all major brands now offer microwave drawers, ideally installed under countertops. Great for accessibility, this product also frees up space on countertops or upper cabinets.


In the last couple of years Sub Zero has introduced a wide array of undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawers in different sizes and configuration. They also have an amazing selection of wine storage units, traditional undercounter refrigerators, and beverage centers. Much of the industry has followed their lead and similar undercounter units are widely available in different configurations, brands, and price points.

For more ideas on fixing a cramped galley kitchen, consult your design professional. For the best information on appliances make an appointment with one of experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Four Hot Appliance Ideas for 2014

New Appliance Trends heading into 2014

Special Report on Steam Convection Ovens

Last year, we wrote about these three big trends for appliances in 2013.

  1. Microwave Drawers
  2. Induction Cooking
  3. Built-In Coffee Makers

Click on the link below to read the blog.

2013 Appliance Sales Trends

While the past year showed that these trends held true, we certainly were remiss in leaving off Steam Convection Ovens. Early European leaders Miele, Thermador, and Thermador's big sister Gaggenau, have been joined by Viking, Wolf, and more recently Jenn-Air in the Steam Convection arena. The appeal of steam combined with convection is a best of both worlds situation. Convection heat surrounding the food with moist hot air that cooks food quickly without drying them out. Manufacturers also tout the healthy advantage of steaming vegetables for example over microwave ovens that, they say, take the nutruition out of food. There is some debate about this, however. Read the Harvard Medical School report below:

Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide – Microwave Cooking and Nutrition

Nevertheless, the performance of steam convection combination ovens is amazing. They are very versatile and are becoming a very popular choice in premium kitchens. Here are some favorites below


Thermador Oven


The Thermador model above offers Steam, True Convection and Steam and Convection cooking modes. It also includes 40 EasyCook food programs, and pre-programmed modes that automatically set the oven temperature and humidity to ensure perfect cooking results.


Wolf Oven


The Wolf combi-steam oven has a convection only feature which can be used for regular baking. Wolf also touts the ability to rejuvenate leftovers and bread to just-made freshness.


Miele Oven


Known for their reliability, German manufacturer Miele has configured their Combi-Steam oven with a handy lift-up control panel to fill the water reservoir. By placing the water resevoir out of the way, this helps give Miele one of the largest oven capacities available. Miele also builds a steam only oven.


Jenn-Air Oven


The newest member of the combi-steam convection club, Jenn-Air's oven works on 120v. vs the 240v requirement of the models above. This might make a big difference if you're adding on a combi-steam oven in an existing kitchen as you might not have 240 volt power readily available.

For the best selection of steam combination ovens for your kitchen contact the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.

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New Trend in Appliance Colors and Finishes

White appliances positioned to make a comeback

From Whirlpool's White Ice to the Brilliant White Plus of Miele

See them both at Arizona Wholesale Supply today!

Stainless Steel has ruled the roost in appliance finishes for decades. Efforts to dethrone stainless have been left in the dust (Oiled bronze anyone?) Now, however, there's a new competitor – WHITE. Yes, old fashioned white appliances appear to be making a comeback. And two of the appliance brands making the move couldn't be more diverse – Whirlpool and Miele.

Whirlpool is a mass brand, appealing to the great middle market and often a standard for tract home builders. Miele is a luxury German brand for discerning buyers with pricing near the very top of the appliance scale.

Whirlpool Ice Collection

Whirlpool White Ice

Whirlpool White Ice

Whirlpool's shiny new white appliances have stainless knobs and handles and are dubbed White Ice Collection. The Whirlpool brand describes these appliances as “classic colors refined with metallic finishes for a new level of sophistication”. Just in case White Ice does not fit the bill, Whirlpool is also offering a Black Ice Collection.

Whirlpool White Ice Video


Miele Brilliant White Plus Appliances

European kitchen design is noted for a minimalist style, with sleek, frameless cabinets, and flush-fitting appliances. Miele has been a leader in building appliances that fit seamlessly into modern European cabinets.

Now Miele's new line of white appliances, named Brilliant White Plus, fit beautifully in shiny white European kitchen cabinets. While the look is minimalist, the appliances are packed with high end features designed to appeal to the most discerning of the luxury appliance segment. Miele says, “Architects and designers have long revered the color white for its ability to harmonize and balance space.”

Will these new finishes make the grade? Will other brands chime in and reinvent white? Is stainless headed for the trash heap? “Ten years from now I think we're going to look back at stainless steel and say 'wow,' that's really a 1990s or 2000s kitchen,” says Greg Harth, a design-build contractor based in Spring House, PA. What's your take on the future of appliance colors and finishes?

To get the best selection of major appliances, floor covering, window treatments, and more for your new home or remodeling project consult the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Miele Event at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Lunch and Learn with Miele Appliances

Hosted by Arizona Wholesale Supply

Join us for some delicious food, prepared in the Miele kitchen, and learn about Miele Appliances, one of our premier luxury brands.

Date: Thursday, May 30th

Time: 11:30AM – 1:00PM


Arizona Wholesale Supply Company
Scottsdale Design Center
15125 N. Hayden Road, Suite 115
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

RSVP: Patti Wells at 480 596-0092 by May 17th


The Next Innovation In Cooking from Miele

As the pioneer in steam oven technology, Miele has perfected the art of steam cooking. Building on that expertise, the introduction of Miele’s Combi-Steam oven promises gourmet results — whether using steam, convection or a combination.

When choosing combination cooking, steam and convection work together to transfer heat more efficiently, proving ideal for locking in the moisture of meats or cakes, yet browning the exterior of items such as poultry to perfection. The result? Excellent quality with flawless taste.

MasterChef Gourmet Programs

For a lasting impression at your next dinner party, automatic programs for Turkey, Chicken, Salmon, Beef Tenderloin and Baby Back Ribs use slow cooking methods by combining lower temperatures and longer cooking times for the most tender and juicy results with a richly browned crust.

Lift-Up Control Panel:

With the simple touch of a button, the control panel automatically lifts up, allowing for easy access to the dishwasher-safe water and condensate containers. Then a quick and safe return of the control panel re-integrates your oven into the seamless design of your kitchen.

If you like to entertain, the extra large capacity of Miele’s Combi-Steam oven allows for more flexibility and larger dishes. As compared with Miele’s steam oven, the Combi-Steam oven capacity boasts a 40% increase in space, made possible by the location of the water and condensate container behind the lift-up control panel.

For more information about Miele or other luxury appliance brands consult the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

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Miele Event at Arizona Wholesale Supply

AZ Wholesale Supply, Scottsdale

Miele Lunch and Learn

March 20th from 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.
15125 N. Hayden Road Ste. 117
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

RSVP: Patti Wells – or 480 596-0092 prior to March 18, 2013

Download Invitation: Miele Lunch and Learn

Learn about the latest in luxury appliances, including the extraordinary Miele Steam Oven
The entertaining experience has never been so easy
Miele Steam Oven

Ease of Use

Masterchef Controls
Miele’s steam oven guides you step-by-step to making the perfect meal, cooked at the exact temperature for the right amount of time. MasterChef controls use an intuitive guide to giving you perfect results no matter the dish you’re making, in just a few keystrokes.

Cook chef inspired cuisine in the comfort of your own home

Miele Steam Oven Open

Premium Results
Miele’s steam oven offers genuine flavor, color and consistency, no matter your menu choice.Flavor transfer is eliminated through protective layers of steam so your salmon tastes like salmon and your cookies stay sweet and delicious. The result? Excellent food quality with flawless taste.

Create a complete meal from appetizers to dessert

Complete Meal

Fast Food Redefined

The interior look of the steam oven may be deceiving, but with four shelves to place various shaped trays, it’s easy to create a whole meal – from appetizers to dessert – for up to 10 people in a matter of just 30 minutes… or less.

Discover the health benefits of cooking with steam


Refreshed Healthy Cooking

Miele’s steam oven not only helps your food stay true to it’s intended taste, color and consistency,but it also keeps as many nutrients in as possible.With no added fats necessary – such as butter or oils – you’ll feel good about the meals you create to keep your family eating and feeling better.

For your appliance, floor and window covering needs contact the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.
Arizona Wholesale

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.

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Miele Education Classes

Are you an appliance junkie? Are you in the market for a new appliance, but want more education before deciding? Do you love and appreciate knowing what makes an appliance great? If so, take advantage of the upcoming events that Miele is sponsoring in order to educate you on their products. Event types include MasterChef Classes and Product Cooking Presentations.

All you have to do is check out this link to the Scottsdale Gallery Web Page.

If you would like to attend, you can contact the Gallery Staff and schedule to attend the classes.

Classes are scheduled through December of 2010 so there’s surely a class that you can attend!