New Appliance Color: Sunset Bronze

Stainless steel has been the dominant finish for appliances for some years now. Recently, appliance firms have added black stainless steel with some success. Now, Whirlpool is launching something new to their lineup Sunset Bronze appliances.

Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Refrigerator

The new color is described by Whirlpool as a brushed, satin finish with rose gold undertones. Observers have remarked that the appearance is indeed akin to the popular rose gold iPhone.

It’s a warm tone. You might even describe it as a subdued or even neutral tint. While referred to as a modern look, the subdued color seems to me to fit well in nearly any environment. It should be compatible with many different kitchen cabinet, countertop, and flooring choices. As an added benefit over older traditional Stainless Steel finishes, Sunset Bronze is a fingerprint resistant finish.

While the new finish will be initially available only in select models, there will be enough choices in each category so that homeowners can have a complete kitchen with matching Sunrise Bronze appliances.

Product is being produced now, and will be availalbe for consumers this spring. Contact Arizona Wholesale Supply now, and make arrangements for your own preview of Sunset Bronze.

New SMEG Appliances at Arizona Wholesale

What's New at Arizona Wholesale Supply?

SMEG Appliances from Italy

A few years ago Fiat automobiles were relaunched in the U.S. with some very clever TV commercials announcing “The Italians are coming.” Well, they sure are, but their invasion has not been limited to automobiles. Italian appliances have also made their mark in the U.S. over the past few years. Among the latest, is the Italian brand SMEG. It's now available in Arizona at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

I had an advance notice about SMEG. While vacationing in England a few years ago, we were wandering the streets of Bath, and passed an appliance store. In deference to my wife, I resisted the urge to go inside, but I did check out the SMEG refrigerator in the window display. Now, this upscale Italian brand is available in the U.S. As you can see the refrigerator has a distinct retro 50's look, and is available in an array of colors including the pastel blue below. It's a sturdy product, and a particular nice fit in smaller kitchens. Below are some of the listed features:


Refrigerator compartment features

  • No. of adjustable shelves: 3
  • Number of fruit and vegetables drawers: 1
  • Type of adjustable shelves: Glass
  • Type of crisper/vegetable drawers cover: Glass
  • Internal light in fridge

Refrigerator Inner Door

  • No. of door shelves with transparent cover: 2
  • Number of adjustable door shelves: 4
  • Adjustable door shelves with wire support
  • No. of bottle shelves: 1
  • Bottle shelves with wire support

Other Refrigerator features

  • Accessories: Bottle holder, Cheese box, Egg tray
  • Freezer compartment features
  • Internal freezer compartment: yes

Other refrigerators include 2 door models and undercounter units. In addition, SMEG has a complete array of appliance products in stainless steel including ovens, ranges, dishwashers, etc. Visit this site often for updates on SMEG and other great appliance brands and products for your new home, remodel, or improvement project.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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New Appliance Colors

What Color is YOUR Refrigerator?

No…I meant inside!

Introducing Obsidian – Look at what's new inside.


Jenn-Air Obsidian

Sure, your new built-in refrigerator is gleaming stainless steel on the outside, but what about the inside? Here comes the new Jenn-Air built-in refrigerator with a dramatic twist – an Obsidian interior. Calling it “black” is just too pedestrian. It simply won't do for this distinctive interior look. It's way more than just a color. With LED theater lighting inside, the Obsidian Jenn-Air refrigerator is not merely cold storage, but a showcase for what's inside.

In addition to the dramatic appearance reflecting off the dark interior, LED lighting throughout a refrigerator's interior does an amazing job of realistically lighting a refrigerator's interior. The food colors are accurate and you can easily see where everything is located. Here's what Jenn-Air has to say about this new refrigerator:


LED Theater Lighting

Much more than just a dazzling display.

TwinFresh Climate Control

The dual evaporator system creates two distinct, independent climates for enhanced food preservation, adjusting for optimal temperatures, humidity levels and freezer environment.

LED Lighting

Placed throughout the interior, it minimizes shadows and reflects against the black finish to dramatically display ingredients, gently building in intensity to create true theater lighting.

Soft-Close Drawer System

SatinGlide technology creates smooth motion as drawers open and close.

Available in three models this Fall.

2014 is a big year for Jenn-Air with over 50 new product introductions. Check back on this blog for more information on the innovative new appliances from Jenn-Air and other home interior brands, and be sure to call or visit Arizona Wholesale Supply for the best availability and prices.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Ready for New Colors? Start with Fabric!

One of the best ways to update your home is with a color change. Colors go in and out of fashion in home products as well as clothes, and changing your home’s color palette can be a great way to modernize your home’s look.

One place to start looking at color is your local decorator fabric store. In less than an hour you can get exposed to all of the newest colors and patterns in home design. It’s also a great way to explore your choices for a new look.

Walk around the store with an open mind. Are you drawn to the stripes in bold tones or the simple small print in fall colors? Do you find yourself heading for the solids or have the floral prints captured your attention? As you wander through the store, eventually a handful of fabrics will stand out for you. Have the salesperson pull them and look at your choices together. Are there two or three or four that really excite your imagination? Well, buy a quarter to half-yard of each and take them home.

Scatter your purchases around your house and move them often. See how each looks under varying lights. As you live with them, eventually one or two will start to lead the pack. Now it’s time for the next step. Grab those swatches and bring them to our showroom. We’ll help you find the best choices in flooring, cabinets, and so much more for you new colors!