Appliance Colors over a lifetime

Are Old Appliance Colors becoming New Again?

New Appliances in Pink and Turquoise Rivaled by Black Stainless Steel

Turquoise Appliances

Northstar Appliances

Modern major appliances are dated as beginning in the Post WWII era. White appliances were standard, but during the 50's and on into the 60's our kitchens were brightened up with Pink and Turquoise appliances. Recently, some specialty brands such as Northstar and Smeg have re-introduced these colors to add the brightness back into our kitchens along with a retro look (Northstar Appliances above in a K. Hovnanian Model home – Phoenix Area 2015).

Later in the 60's, Harvest Gold, Avocado, and Coppertone became the popular appliance colors. A unique characteristic of these colors was a darker shading around the edges of the appliance. Many years later in an effort to refresh these colors the shading was removed. For example, Harvest Gold became Harvest Wheat and the color had a lighter, cooler look. Almond was added to the mix and the beige finish quickly became a hit.

Colors aren't always successful, however. Back in the mid 80's both GE and Whirlpool came out with a couple of new colors – Silver and Sand color (gray and a little darker beige than Almond) from GE and similar Platinum and Toast shades from Whirlpool. Unfortunately, the shades from each manufacturer were similar, but did not match. Consumers chose to stick with their White and Almond appliances. Toast and Sand and Silver and Platinum were quickly dropped.

It's worth noting that during the run up of Harvest Gold and Avocado, a trend toward larger windows on ranges and ovens eventually led to the painted fronts and small windows on many appliances becoming black glass finishes across the front with chrome trim on the edges.


In the late '80s, Fred Carl introduced the Viking Range, a range with a commercial look that was designed for the home. By the mid-90's, the trend toward Pro-Style ranges and ovens in luxury homes was well on its way. Today, stainless steel appliances are offered (at a premium) even in starter homes.

Now, KitchenAid has introduced Black Stainless Steel. It's hard to see in the photo, but the appliances have the texture and grain of stainless steel, and the color is black. If you want to see it in person, plan a visit to one of the Arizona Wholesale Supply locations below.




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Retro Appliances at K. Hovnanian Homes

New Homes with Old Style Appliances

Arizona Wholeale Supply Featured Builder

K. Hovnanian Homes

The Meadows at 97th Ave. and Deer Valley Road

Expect the unexpected. When it comes to appliances, the big builders don't take a lot of chances. For most family new home communities you're likely to see dishwasher, range, over-the-range microwave, and refrigerator from one of the two big brands GE or Whirlpool.

But homebuilder K. Hovnanian stepped out of the appliance box in one of the model homes in their new model complex at The Meadows. They decided to be a little different. Maybe that's an understatement. These retro-look appliances in bright turquoise are WAY different from what we're used to seeing.

The appliances are stunning because of their color and retro design, but more than that they're whimsical and fun. I stood in the model and watched prospective home buyers flow through. The appliances didn't just capture their attention. Their faces lit up with big smiles. And why not. The kitchen look is just plain delightful.


Now, would you really want these appliances in your house? Northstar is the brand. They come from Elmira Stove Works, a Canadian outfit. Famous for their 1890's style woodburning and gas ranges, Northstar is big step forward to the 1950's for Elmira.

However, outside of the retro look, the appliances themselves are in fact very contemporary. The range is self-cleaning, and comes complete with warming drawer, and a digital display which is subtly hidden beneath the analog clock. The French door refrigerator is frost-free. It features an interior water dispenser, and factory-installed icemaker.

Now, if you're still not convinced and worried about the upstart Northstar brand, we'll share a little secret. The design and look is 100% Northstar, but (except for the microwave oven) these appliances are all manufactured in the U.S. by a very well-known appliance company.

To see these appliances in all their stunning glory for yourself, visit the model homes at The Meadows by K. Hovnanian at 97th Ave. and Deer Valley Road, in Peoria. For more information about Northstar Appliances contact the appliance professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply

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