How Long do Appliances Last?

When Should I Replace My Appliances?

It's complicated

Many years ago, I used to carry around a chart from AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) which itemized the expected life spans of various appliances: washing machines 15 years, ranges 20 years, etc. I've long ago disposed of this, but I did find this current version. Here is a look at today's appliance lifespans from Consumer Reports:

Dishwasher – 9 years
Dryer (electric and gas) – 13 years
Microwave oven – 9 years
Range electric – 13 years
Range gas – 15 years
Refrigerator – 13 years
Washing machine – 10 years

We all know that the life expectancy of appliances is not what it used to be, but let's not confuse quality with durability. Today's washing machines use less detergent, energy and water than their predecessors. They are more gentle on clothes, and get them cleaner than ever before, but have a life expectancy of only 10 years, compared to 15 years or longer from grandma's Maytag.

Today, manufacturers seem to be on a never ending quest to reduce costs, and as consumers we shop until we drop to get save every hard earned dollar we can on appliances. Moreover, we don't seem to care if our kids inherit the family refrigerator, and we are quick to get rid of a broken appliance to avoid paying a stiff repair bill.

I recently read that in upscale neighborhoods it is not uncommon for kitchens to be remodeled about every 10 years, and that includes new appliances. So, even though appliances don't last as long as they used to, we tend not to even keep them for as long as they last.

The truth is that we don't expect our appliances to last as long as they used to…but we do expect that they have the latest features and look great in our house. I once asked a customer if she had a brand preference for her new washer. She replied that it didn't make a difference as long as the washer was red.

So, don't feel guilty about replacing your 15 year old agitator style topload washing machine with a shiny new front loader. The old machine is at the end of it's life, and the new one could actually pay for itself in energy savings….plus, it's red!

To get more information on appliances, floor coverings, and more be sure to consult your design professional or builder, and make an appointment with the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

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Pros and Cons: Range vs. Cooktop/Oven

Freestanding Range vs Cooktop and Oven

Kitchen Debate: Purchase a Range or a Cooktop and Oven

When building a home or re-designing a kitchen, homeowners can be faced with the choice of installing a single kitchen range vs. a cooktop and a separate wall oven. Here are a few considerations:

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen range


This is a simple decision. Choose the range and you've purchased two appliances at once. No worries about locating two separate appliances, choosing among various dimensions eg, 30″ vs 36″, or running gas and/or electric lines to separate locations.

On the other hand, you'll be locking yourself into 2 separate appliances in a single space which may be inconvenient. You could find yourself needing to cook on the range surface while standing in front of a hot oven. Some people find that repeatedly bending over to access the oven is uncomfortable.

Advantages and disadvantages of a separate cooktop and oven

One big advantage is that by purchasing the cooktop and oven separately, you can get exactly the features you want in each appliance. Also, separate appliance purchases may sometimes result in different brands sizes and fuel types of cooktops and ovens. By having a wall oven installed at eye level, it can be operated and accessed without bending over.


In most instances, separate cooktops and wall ovens will cost more than a comparable freestanding range. Having remodeled kitchens in two different homes in the last 5 years, we've chosen both configurations. We love our current double oven range with radiant top. However, the separate gas cooking surface and combination wall oven/microwave probably edges out the freestanding range. Viva la difference!

For the best advice on appliance locations and options work with your builder and designer, and of course make sure to schedule an appointment with an appliance professional at Arizona Wholesale Supply for the best choices.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Kitchen Remodeling Tip 2: GFCI Circuits

GFCI Circuits in your Kitchen

Our last blog on kitchen remodeling covered electrical issues that might occur.

Kitchen Remodeling Tip: Check Electrical Needs

In my case, I had an older house with appliances (refrigerator and built-in micro-hood) each wired on circuits with other electrical outlets rather than on separate circuits. It was not practical to add separate circuits for these two appliances, but we were able to move the microwave to a different circuit with lower total power demand which resolved any power shortage issues. Also, It was not necessary to to move the refrigerator to another circuit.

Now, we’re going to cover the issues regarding GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) in an older house.



GFCI Outlet

Originally, the NEC code required GFCI receptacles only in the garage and bathrooms. Over the years, the code has been regularly amended, to include kitchens, and laundry areas. What is a GFCI receptacle?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. In brief, a GFCI receptacle monitors electricity passing through any plugged in device for an imbalance. The GFCI receptacle breaks the circuit if there is more than a 5 milliamp difference between the electrical current entering and the current leaving. The result is that any device plugged into a GFCI receptacle with a short or a wiring issue will be disconnected in about .025 seconds.

In my particular instance, for some reason we had no GFCI receptacles in the house. So I had the electrician add GFCI receptacles to the bathrooms and the kitchen areas so we’d be up to code. However, I’ve just learned that the latest revision to the code now has added a GFCI requirement for dishwashers. It’s easy to get frustrated over changing regulations, but when you consider that spending a few bucks on having the proper electrical outlet might save a life, it makes sense to be protected from electrical hazards.

For more information on GFCI or other remodeling or building issues contact your remodeling professional or homebuilder.

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Kitchen Remodeling Tip: Check Electrical Needs

Updating your New Kitchen

Review Electrical Requirements in your New Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can be fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating, and costly. Don't make it more frustrating and costly than necessary by failing to examine your electrical needs.

When lighting or appliances are moved or require additional power, it's typical to have some electrical work done. However, even if you're just updating an existing kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, etc. you may be find yourself in need of some electrical work. Here is an example that I ran into recently with a kitchen remodel.


The house was in a nice neighborhood, and had a great floor plan that perfectly fit our needs. But it was an older house (approx. 30 years), so we had to completely gut and redo the inside. Even though we weren't adding any additional appliances, I had some concern that the power available in the kitchen might be insufficient. Specifically, I knew that the manufacturer of the microwave hood recommended a separate circuit, and I doubted that this kitchen was wired with a separate circuit for the microwave hood. Nevertheless, everything seemed to work well in our new kitchen….until Thanksgiving.

All of our kitchen appliances and lights were running at full power along with crockpots, etc. when the kitchen lights started blinking like a Christmas tree. Curiously, even the lights on the chandelier in the nearby dining started blinking. Then a breaker kicked off and the microwave as well as some lights shut down. We turned off a few things, and flipped the breaker back on. Thanksgiving was saved, but we knew that some electrical work was in our future.

We had an electrician come out, and together we discovered that the microwave hood was on a circuit with some lights and plugs in another room. Unfortunately, there was no inexpensive way to pull a separate wire from the breaker box to the microwave hood. However, the electrician was able to switch the microwave to a different circuit with a lower total power requirement. In addition, he suggested we use low power LED bulbs for the lighting on that circuit. The result was that with LED bulbs and the microwave together, even if all lights AND the microwave were on at the same time, there would be no chance of overloading the circuit. Easter here we come!

Next up: GFCI circuits in your kitchen.

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Arizona Wholesale Supply Customers Talk

Trade Partners and their customers love Arizona Wholesale Supply!

Read what Arizona Wholesale Supply customers have to say about their experiences, then find out for yourself! Whether it's hombuilders or their buyers – designers or their clients, at Arizona Wholesale Supply customers reign supreme. Here are a few comments excerpted from the Arizona Wholesale Supply testimonial page:

We’ve been working with Arizona Wholesale for the past 5 years. They exemplify what a great partnership is all about. Together we have developed processes that have made our business operations more efficient and successful. Their Design Center incorporates not only their own products and services, but also products from other AV Homes Trade Partners. This has resulted in a better experience for our Homebuyers, and an increased capture in upgrades. AZW has always catered to our needs as a Homebuilder. We look forward to continued success together in the coming years. – Ken Kulinowski | Vice President of Purchasing | AV Homes

Thank you Arizona Wholesale for another great buying experience. This our 4th house renovation, and each time you have supplied all of our appliances – Harry and Marcia F.

As new home purchasers at Canta Mia homes by Vitalla, Goodyear, AZ, we have had the pleasure, on three separate occasions, of spending time and resources with your associate, Ms. Monika Herrmann, Design Consultant, as our home is being built. Ms. Herrmann should be awarded for a job well done! Customer service is an attitude, not a procedure-and she deserves our sincerest appreciation Mr. and Mrs. Roger C.

Click on the video below:

Dorado Designs works on projects ranging from kitchen remodels to design and construction of new homes. Over the last four years, Arizona Wholesale has demonstrated to us that they care about us and our clientele. We receive quotes and specifications in a timely fashion. Furthermore, our customers enjoy the product knowledge that the salespeople have. Specifically Arizona Wholesale’s sales staff is very willing and able to explain the features and benefits that should be considered when selecting appliances for a project. We feel as though it is great for our customers to experience the personal attention and expertise that Arizona Wholesale offers – Elizabeth Spangler | CEO | Dorado Designs


To read additional comments from Arizona Wholesale Supply customers click on the link below:

Arizona Wholesale Supply Testimonials

For more information on how they can help you call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today:

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Adding Architectural Interest with Arches

19618812_SArches can add a big architectural statement when added to room entries and hallways.  Arches are more typical in some types of architecture than others. Arches look wonderful in Spanish and Mediterranean interiors. They can also be added to Tuscan and French farmhouse style homes.  Cottage style homes may use arches between rooms. If your home does not have existing arches, you might think about adding them during a renovation or remodel.

An arched hallway is more visually interesting than a straight ceiling. The arch can be carried throughout the small hallway from the arched door to the room opening.  Archways are a great design feature for the front foyer of a home.  The rounded lines of an arch can make a small space feel like an architectural gem.

An arched ceiling could be added to an entry hall or mudroom to make these pass through spaces feel more special and interesting.  Arches can be just at the door openings, which is the easiest way to add an arched detail to a space. Arching the entire ceiling is more complicated and more expensive. Adding an arched opening between a living and dining room makes the spaces feel more united.  Arched openings can also be added in a pass-through between kitchens and dining rooms.  If you partially remove a wall between kitchen and dining room or kitchen and family room, arching the opening will create more architectural interest in the new open space.

Thinking about remodeling? Don’t Wait!

Now is a great time to get your kitchen remodeling project in gear.


From The Arizona Republic, Friday, Oct. 13, 2012

After a five-year slump, the home-remodeling industry is showing new signs of life, driven primarily by rising home sales and pent-up demand to make improvements.

Locally, contractors and home-improvement retailers report business is picking up.

National studies also point to growing interest in remodeling. The latest quarterly report of the leading indicator of remodeling activity from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University says remodeling activity is poised for double-digit growth by the first quarter of 2013. The center attributed the trend to rising home sales.

Read more:

Electrical Contractor

If you are a remodeler, this is good news indeed. If you are a consumer, now is the time to ramp up your planning. With business improving, you need to be prepared to take advantage of this timing and act quickly. Designers will get busy. Time and resources become scarce, and the gap doesn't fill overnight. Also, there has already been some upward price pressure on kitchen products and it doesn't appear to be abating. For example, Sub Zero and Wolf have a price increase on November 1st. There's a good chance others will follow in early 2013.

On the other hand, Arizona Wholesale Supply, does have some inventory of popular appliance models, as well as a large closeout department. With three showrooms open to serve you and highly skilled appliance experts to answer your questions, there's no reason to hesitate. Call now to schedule an appointment at the showroom near you:

Closeout ovens

Closeout Ovens


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The Matched Appliance Suite


One way to select appliances for a new home or a kitchen remodel is to select the appliance brand first. By settling on a single brand you narrow the field and choose your dishwasher, refrigerator, cooktop, wall oven, etc. from a single “family” of appliances. Buyers using this method to purchase a matched suite of appliances have confidence that the specific brand they have chosen will offer appliances in each product category that will suit their needs. Over the years manufacturers have built their reputations on the quality and reliability of their products and each have come to stand for something that we loosely define as their brand “position”. For example, some brands position themselves high up on the luxury scale, whereas others try to appeal to broader markets that purchase appliances at lower price points.

Since new home buyers and kitchen remodel customers are purchasing an entire collection of appliances at a single time, it does seem logical to purchase a single brand from a single supplier. Having a single appliance brand has several benefits. For example, the buyer can coordinate handle and knob styles and other aesthetics so that the appliances will match and give an integrated look to the kitchen. Even seemingly minor differences, such as the graphics, lighting, and color of the LED displays in the appliances can make a major difference to the overall look of the kitchen when there is not a common brand where the look is coordinated.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow we’ll compare the Best of Breed vs. Matching Appliance Suite methods so you can determine which works best for you.

For all the up-to-date information on your kitchen appliance purchases consult the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

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