Saving Money on Luxury Appliances

Appliance Returns, Open Boxes, and Blemishes

Almost by definition, luxury appliances are expensive. It's hard to find a bargain when it comes to exclusive super-premium brands. High pricing seems like a badge of honor for some exclusive brands, and manufacturer pricing policies such as MSRP and UMRP work to keep market prices uniform. However, when appliance items are returned, get discontinued, or damaged, some really great appliance bargains can be found.

A few years ago, a local contractor, Michael Margolin, was searching for a bargain for his son, Simon, who was remodeling the kitchen in an older home in Hollywood Hills. It was a major project that Simon and his wife were undertaking. Even though it was a premier location, Simon and his wife had a limited budget. Michael knew that Arizona Wholesale carried luxury brands along with all the standard popular brands, that production builders use.

During Margolin's visit to Arizona Wholesale, inside sales associate Victor was able to outfit Michael with luxury appliances from Miele and Wolf that worked for Simon's new kitchen. The appliances were open stock with a variety of blemishes, scratches, or defects that meant that no buyer would be willing to pay full price. However, the damage and flaws were either located where they would not be visible, or they were repairable with some refinishing or new parts. Here's a photo of the Wolf Range model that Margolin was able to pick up at a bargain.

Of course, there are risks with buying scratch and dents. They're usually sold as is, and may not carry a full factory warranty. In addition, if you require a specific brand and model, your chances of finding the exact item you want are very slim. At Arizona Wholesale the experienced sales associates can guide you through the process and you get to decide, if this is right for you. In the Margolins' case, it worked out very well indeed. See photo below:

Margolin Remodel

Wolf Range - Miele Wine Unit


The finished remodeling project was so stunning that it was featured in a Houzz Kitchen of the Week. Click on the link below:

Bringing back glamour to a Hollywood Hills Home

The moral to this story is that if you find yourself in a bind and cannot get the appliances you need at the going price, visit Arizona Wholesale and ask about the closeouts, scratch and dents, and open products for extra savings.

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Black Friday Hysteria leads to Monday Sanity

Saving money on appliances everyday.

Over 80% of major appliances purchased by consumers these days are replacement sales. That usually means that there is an appliance at home that doesn't work and needs replacing. Unless appliance buyers can get their appliances to fail on or near Thanksgiving Day, a Black Friday sale on a Washer/Dryer pair doesn't work for most of us.

Even if Black Friday prices seem to good to pass up, when buyers check out those door buster prices they're likely to find out that a great price on a washer without a permanent press cycle is just a gimmick to get you in the door, and sell you something at a not so great price.

So here are a few ideas that might save you a few bucks on your next appliance purchase.

  1. Make appliances a planned purchase. If you're old beat up washer is making strange sounds but is still hobbling along, start thinking about and saving for a new washer.
  2. Shop where you can get good values day in and day out. Arizona Wholesale Supply is the largest builder supplier in the state. Stands to reason they're going to have a great selection of appliances on hand to suit every need.
  3. If you're so inclined, and really want a deep discount consider closeouts, and model home returns. Arizona Wholesale Supply has a huge inventory of uncrated appliances that need a home.

Call the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today for a good deal on appliances whether it is black, red, yellow, or green Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

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