Closet Systems

Organizing your closet can seem overwhelming when you first decide you need to tackle it. Luckily there are great options out there to help you find the right closet system for your needs. Whether it be your garage that needs a place to organize your tools or your bedroom closet that needs saving from the explosion of clothes on the floor, Arizona Wholesale Supply can design your dream closet and save you the trouble of stressing over the process.


The first thing to consider is your specific needs and desires. This will depend on several factors. What do you need to organize? If you are trying to design an area in your garage where you can organize and hang your various tools, car maintenance supplies and other miscellaneous things that tend to build up in garages, then you need a system that is more heavy duty and suited to wall hanging.  But if you are looking to organize your bathroom closet you may need something a little bit different, with more compartments and shelving to organize your toiletries and towels.


We offer two main options. Our wire systems can be a great choice because of their versatility. They can be arranged in a variety of ways to properly organize your closet and separate shirts, pants and shoes in a way to display them clearly. It allows for air circulation and is wonderful for organizing small items while keeping them visible.  A wire system can also incorporate baskets to organize smaller items such as purses and hats.


The second option is a melamine system. This system’s popularity stems from its ability to offer the luxury of creating a warm and inviting look to your closet. Melamine can mimic the look of wood or go bold with a color or print to add personality to your closet.


We offer many closet systems and are here to help you pick the right one for your home. Our team can come to your home, take measurements, and with your input create the right closet system for you. Or we can take measurements from your plans for a complete redesign of the space. We are here for all of your closet organization needs! Visit us on our website or give us a call and we can get started on creating the perfect closet for you.