Introducing Monogram Appliances

New Monogram Appliances on Display

Monogram Shown at Arizona Wholesale Supply, Scottsdale


Key Arizona builders attended a private showing of Monogram Appliances at Arizona Wholesale Supply in the Scottsdale Design Center on Thursday evening, April 21st. One of the highlights was the Monogram Professional Range. GE Southwest Region Manager, Rick Bonnie was on hand to answer questions as well as GE District Manager, Yolanda Sutton.

Of course, some delicious hors d'ouvres were prepared to go with the liquid refreshments. THANKS, Monogram. Here are just a few of the superior features on the Monogram Professional Range.

Monogram® 48″ All Gas Professional Range with 6 Burners and Griddle (Natural Gas)

Sealed, dual-flame stacked burners
Deliver a full spectrum of heat settings, from an ultra-low 140° F simmer to an intense 18,000 BTU


Monogram professional dual-burner bake system
Combines reverse-air convection technology with an infrared broil and gas burner to provide superb baking results, with fast preheating

Reversible burner grates
Flat on one side and uniquely contoured on the other to accommodate round-bottom woks


Heavy-duty oven racks
Glide smoothly in and out on stainless steel ball bearings for easy access, and are designed to remain in the oven during the self-clean cycle.

To find out more about Monogram at Arizona Wholesale Supply call your builder sales rep at one of the below branches in the Tucson or Phoenix area.

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More about cooktops at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Gas Cooktops

Gas fuel is probably the most preferred cooktop fuel type for pro chefs and enthusiasts alike. They like the instant on and off, the infinite control from low to high and the high heat that is often available on professional duty cooktops and rangetops. We distinguish cooktops, which are inserted into kitchen counters and have controls on the top, from rangetops which have the cooking surface on the countertop, but with knobs located on the cabinet front.


6 Burner 36 JennAir Cooktop

Cooktops and rangetops alike come in a variety of widths from 24″ all the way up to 60″. Cooktops are designed to fit into a standard 24″ deep countertop, and are usually no more than 20″ deep. Range tops overlap the countertop front, and may go all they way to the back of the counter, taking up the entire 24″ counter depth.

Cooktops can be made of glass (gas on glass), porcelain, or stainless steel. Rangetops are built on a stainless steel chassis, and can offer a variety of cooking options including grills, griddles, and even French tops. 30″ cooktops are mostly 4 burner models, while 36″ cooktops are likely to have a 5th burner in the center. Sometimes, gas cooktops and rangetops will feature power burners with a higher *btu output than the standard 8-10,000 btu rating. Also, some cooktops will have super low simmer burners going down to 1,500 btus. Modular cooktops over a wide array of options.

While there are a few cooktops and rangetops that have open burners, sealed burners have become standard for most. Sealed burners offer advantages, and in particular are easier to keep clean than open burners.

This blog is one of a series on cooktops. Visit often for updates and new cooktop blogs. Here are the previous cooktop blogs:

1. Choosing a Cooktop
2. Induction Cooktops

*btu = British thermal unit, a measure of heat.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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New Jenn-Air Appliances at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Jenn-Air Takes it up a Notch in 2014

New Jenn-Air Appliances and New Luxury Showroom

In 2009, Jenn-Air launched a new lineup of appliances anchored by the world's only wall oven with a culinary center. Today, the Jenn-Air wall oven is still an industry exclusive, but it's time to investigate what's new with Jenn-Air 5 years later.

The luxury appliance industry has changed in the last 5 years and Jenn-Air has changed with it. Most recently, Jenn-Air has added a steam convection oven, and a built-in coffee machine.

Famous for cooktops, Jenn-Air is upgrading the line for 2014 with new gas cooktops featuring new styling, super low 800 btu burners, powerful 18,000 btu burners, a low profile design, and elegant, durable brass burners. Here are the specs on the new 36″ – 6 burner model.

New Jenn-Air cooktop JGC7636BP

Jenn-Air Cooktop

Jenn-Air JGC7636BP Cooktop

With a combined 78,000 BTUs of power, this luxury Jenn-Air® gas cooktop is an exceptionally robust six-burner, 36-inch cooktop. Its Simmer/Melt Burner reaches as low as 800 BTU, while an extremely low profile allows for near-flush countertop installation.

Low-Profile Design

With an extremely low profile, you can have a minimal look —nearly flush with the countertop — for an integrated transition to the cooktop.

Pro-Style® Stainless Design

Make a bold statement with a commercial-styled cooktop and match your other Jenn-Air® Pro-Style® Stainless appliances.

18,000 BTU Brass PowerBurner

Power Burner

Enjoy the elegance of brass and robust heat from this PowerBurner that’s necessary for high-powered cooking techniques, whether searing a steak, stir-frying vegetables or rapidly boiling water.

New Jenn-Air Luxury Showroom

Jenn-Air NY Showroom

Jenn-Air NY Showroom

In keeping with Jenn-Air's move into the Super Premium category, the brand has opened a new showroom in Manhattan.

The new Jenn-Air showroom, occupying the entire fifth floor of the Decoration & Design (D&D) Annex in New York City, serves as a showcase for Christopher Peacock Home, a leading designer of high-end kitchen cabinetry and home furnishings.

See the new Jenn-Air Appliances at Arizona Wholesale Supply. Check out the new Jenn-Air display at Arizona Wholesale's remodeled showroom in the Scottsdale Design Center.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Last minute holiday cooking and drinking tips

Holiday Reminders for Cooking and Drinking


  1. Find your meat probe for roasting. If your oven has a feature allowing you to roast by temperature rather than time, you should use it. It is much more accurate. If you don't use this feature often, chances are that the temperature probe is hidden away with your instruction manual so you'll need to conduct a search ahead of time.
  2. Use the right pan for convection. The convection feature is wonderful for roasting and baking, but it's important to remember that the oven air needs to circulate around the food. If you have a roast or a bird sitting on the bottom of a roasting pan with high sides, you need to make sure that a roasting rack or trivet gets the meat above the pan sides so that convection air will encircle the food.
  3. Don't forget your low simmer burner. This time of year there are lots of sauces and soups that need to sit on the stove for a long time at very low settings. If you're having trouble getting a low enough flame on your gas burner checking for another burner on your range or cooktop with a low simmer setting. Most ranges and cooktops today will have at least one burner capable of maintaining a very low flame, whereas the high power burner probably won't be able to turn down low enough for your sauce.
  4. Double check your recipe ingredients. There's nothing worse than thinking you had the all spice or the basil or the you-name-it in the cupboard only to be unable to find it. While your at it, be aware that if these spices have been in the pantry for a couple of years, they've likely lost their potency. Might be a good time for a fresh supply.


1. Store your wine at the right temperature. Most experts recommend a temperature of 52-59 degrees. For more information check out our blog on wine storage by clicking the link below:

Wine Storage Temperatures

2. Drink your wine at the right temperature. The right drinking temperature for wine is not the same as the right storage temperature for wine. Wine stored at 55 degrees should be consumed at 60 degrees. Too many folks seem to want to drink red wine at room temperature and white wine at under 40 degrees.

3. Decant your wine if necessary. Much has been written about decanting wine and there is great disagreement among wine experts. Most experts do agree that older red wines can benefit from decanting to separate the wine from the sediment. Others go further and say that decanting wine exposes it to oxygen and lets it release flavor that would not otherwise be present. Some even like to decant white wines.

One final tip on eating and drinking.