The Determined DIY Diva – Circle of Light Hula Hoop Chandelier

“It’s all good until someone gets hurt,” is the old saying, and it’s an apt way to describe the initial enthusiasm behind DIY décor projects. They look so pretty online, and once you’ve read the tutorial you’re certain that anyone could pull it off. So, to the store you go. Alas, by the end of the day you’ve discovered that DIY is a true challenge and you’re staring at mess that was meant to be a thing of beauty.

Our advice? Don’t take no for an answer! Keep trying and eventually you’ll create works of art. Truly beautiful and unique projects are for those gals who don’t give up. Resist the urge to return to the world of retail in search of something lovely to add to the home. Forge ahead instead and you’re sure to find success eventually.

Cheery chandelier

If sleek, polished outcomes are your goal in DIY you might want to skip this project. Its intent is a whimsical, far less than perfect outcome that sells itself on its unique character. If you love whimsy and ambient light, though, you will love this idea. The perfect location is a teenage girl’s room or a party decoration for any age!

The only materials are a hula hoop (yes, a hula hoop!), several yards of pretty transparent ribbon, and white Xmas lights on a white wire. Buy a neutral colored hula hoop or one that is a color close to the color scheme of your room. Wrap the entire hula hoop in a layer of ribbon and secure it with hot glue. Tie one end of eight pieces of ribbon at an even spacing around the hula hoop. This is how it will hang from the ceiling.

When it’s time to hang it you will bring them all together at their ends, tie them in a knot, and hang the “chandelier” from a central point on the ceiling. To turn your ribbon hula hoop into a chandelier, wrap strings of white Xmas lights around it. Try the icicle style lights because they will dangle elegantly rather than look like tightly wrapped wires. When your hula hoop chandelier is complete, hang it up, plug it in, and gaze at it adoringly!

Back to School – How To Boost Your Teen Daughter’s Confidence Before She Returns To Campus

Even though every girl has her own style and preferences as to how she dresses and decides on her appearance, there are things you can do for any teenage girl to help her feel confident going back to school.


First, about a month before school starts, buy her a skin care system to help clear up any acne that has newly appeared on her face. Bad skin is one of the most embarrassing things that teenagers have to contend with and it affects their self esteem in social situations. The reason for starting one month ahead of time is to give the skin time to react treatment.


Two to three days before school starts take her to get her nails done. Having a nice manicure will pull together her look, and it will give her confidence when meeting people and shaking their hands. If your daughter scoffs at the idea of painting her nails a color, still take her to get a basic manicure because her nails should at least be cut and clean. If, on the other hand, she favors an expressive style, she might like to have acrylic nails applied so her nails look longer and fancier.


Next, take her to get her hair done. Like the manicure, this can include complex and fancy treatments such as highlights or all over color, or it can just be a simple trim. It is important, though, to at least get a basic trim so that her hair looks neat and clean.


If your teen girl wears makeup this is also the time to update her makeup bag. Help her buy products that look natural and age appropriate. Also buy waterproof and 24-hour types of makeup so it lasts the whole school day. Primer for under her foundation and powder for over it will also help the makeup stay in place as well.


Finally, buy a nice scented lotion or subtle perfume because smelling pretty boosts confidence as well. Then, send her off to school with a hug, a smile, and well wishes for a fabulous year ahead!