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We’ve been working with Arizona Wholesale for the past 5 years. They exemplify what a great partnership is all about. Together we have developed processes that have made our business operations more efficient and successful. Their Design Center incorporates not only their own products and services, but also products from other AV Homes Trade Partners. This has resulted in a better experience for our Homebuyers, and an increased capture in upgrades. AZW has always catered to our needs as a Homebuilder. We look forward to continued success together in the coming years. – Ken Kulinowski | Vice President of Purchasing | AV Homes

Thank you Arizona Wholesale for another great buying experience. This our 4th house renovation, and each time you have supplied all of our appliances – Harry and Marcia F.

As new home purchasers at Canta Mia homes by Vitalla, Goodyear, AZ, we have had the pleasure, on three separate occasions, of spending time and resources with your associate, Ms. Monika Herrmann, Design Consultant, as our home is being built. Ms. Herrmann should be awarded for a job well done! Customer service is an attitude, not a procedure-and she deserves our sincerest appreciation Mr. and Mrs. Roger C.

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Dorado Designs works on projects ranging from kitchen remodels to design and construction of new homes. Over the last four years, Arizona Wholesale has demonstrated to us that they care about us and our clientele. We receive quotes and specifications in a timely fashion. Furthermore, our customers enjoy the product knowledge that the salespeople have. Specifically Arizona Wholesale’s sales staff is very willing and able to explain the features and benefits that should be considered when selecting appliances for a project. We feel as though it is great for our customers to experience the personal attention and expertise that Arizona Wholesale offers – Elizabeth Spangler | CEO | Dorado Designs


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As I sit in our new kitchen this beautiful, rainy Saturday morning sipping my freshly brewed coffee and nibbling on my muffin so perfectly re-heated by our new microwave, I realize how blessed we are. We are blessed because we not only have a home, but because we are able to remodel our home during these trying times. We are blessed because of people like the Morgan’s and yourself.

We want to thank you for all of your help in the ordering and delivery of our appliances. We are extremely satisfied! It has taken me a little time to get used to the microwave, but we are bonding. For the record, it took me awhile to get used to our old microwave that I loved so much and nearly had a break down when Rick took it away. You might compare the change for me like wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time or as Rick called it; “postpartum appliance depression.” Others may have the same issue with a new stove, but I am not a conventional person when it comes to the kitchen. (And boy do I have stories) The stove is awesome too. It not only looks great the stove top just warms the cockles of my heart! No more coils!  And I know just what burner is on! You know what the best part is? It tells me if the stove top is hot! (The Phoenix Fire Department and my husband thank you from the bottom of their hearts for that little feature) Having a working ice maker and a quiet refrigerator is the chocolate cream center in a yellow layer cake. The dogs are getting used to oddly shaped ice cubes and I am just loving the compact interior that is bright and easily accessible. And now for the butter cream icing on the cake: my awesome Maytag! I am adjusting to the placement of the dishes, well, that is the only thing I am adjusting too, but again remember those new shoes. No, it is more like a new pair of socks you bought to replace your worn out favorite pair. The features on the dishwasher are just awesome! I love the fact that it tells you the dishes are clean! It is so quiet we can run the dishwasher and carry on a conversation without sound interference. I have to admit that I am glad I gave up my old Maytag and you know how hard that was for me.Thank You So Very Much!

Martha you may feel like you just did your job, but you did more than that. Appliances are a very personal touch to the home. They reflect one’s life style and they are items that you just cannot change out like you can change your clothes or toss out those new shoes that you just cannot break in. They are with you for a long time and I thank you for taking the time to work with me in choosing just the right appliances. I have attached a picture of our new kitchen, so you can see how instrumental you were in the remodel of our kitchen. We just have window coverings and bar stools to purchase and our kitchen will be complete. Okay and maybe a new phone.

Best Regards!  And Here’s To A Great and Wonderful Future!

Linda and Bill Balogh