Prepare Appliances for Your Vacation

5 Steps to Prepare Your Appliances for Vacation

It's that time of year again. You're getting ready to take your vacation, but you haven't really thought about getIng your appliances ready for your extended absence. Here's a list of what you should do to make sure your appliances will not flood your house, spoil your food, or otherwise create havoc while you're away.

  1. Some appliances, such as your water heater or refrigerator, may have a Vacation Mode. If so, utilize this handy setting. It makes some internal energy saving adjustments.

  2. Run an empty load through your washer and dishwasher. Use whatever cleaner you normally use for cleaning that appliance such as Affresh or LemiShine. For vacations of 2 weeks or longer, prevent odor build up by leaving the door or lid on the washer and dishwasher open while you're away. Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher. This will keep the dishwasher free from odor, and the rubber seal in the bottom of the dishwasher moist.

  3. Turn off the water supply line to refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher. (I'm paranoid about water leaks).

  4. For vacations that are more than just a long weekend, remove perishables from the refrigerator, and turn the icemaker off. That usually means just lifting the metal bar in the ice maker to its highest/off position. In some refrigerators only the ice bin is accessible, not the ice maker itself. For these models, there will be a separate on/off switch for the ice maker (see below example).


  5. Your refrigerator is going to be on while you're away, and it will use more electricity if it is empty. So, if you've removed most or all of the food from your refrigerator, fill a few empty plastic gallon jugs with water, and place them in the refrigerator.

*Most of the tips are for vacations of a week or longer. For those long 3 day week end trips, I'd just turn off the water lines and turn off the ice maker.

For questions about your specific appliance, check your use and care manual. For information about appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more home products consult your designer or builder, then call Arizona Wholesale Supply for an appointment with one of our consultants.

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Vacation Mode in Your Refrigerator

Preparing your Refrigerator for Your Vacation

If you’re getting ready to take your vacation (assuming it is for a month or less), these are some steps that you should take to make your refrigerator vacation ready and to save energy.

Take a look at the contents of your refrigerater and dispose of perishables such as milk, fruit, and vegetables that would spoil while you are gone. However, do not leave the refrigerator empty. Add a few large plastic jugs filled with water so that there is some content in your refrigerator. The water will retain cold and help keep the refrigerator cool. It will run less frequently and use less enegy.

You should also turn the ice maker off. If the ice maker does not have a separate on/off switch, simply lift the actuator arm on the icemaker to put it into the off position.

Vacation Mode

Many newer model refrigerators have a Vacation or Holiday mode. Depending on the refrigerator, this mode may delay or prevent your refrigerator from going into a defrost mode during your vacation which will save energy. Since the refrigerator door will not be regularly opening and closing while you’re gone, your refrigerator will simply not need to defrost for quite a while. Vacation mode may also turn off the ice maker.

Some refrigerator models have a Sabbath mode which may also be designated as a Holiday mode. Sabbath modes typically prevent the lights from working and disable the dispenser. The Sabbath mode may also turn off the ice maker. Review the operating instructions of your specific refrigerator, because you definitely will want to turn off your ice maker if the Sabbath mode does not.

If you follow these simple instructions you should be able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your refrigerator back home. For vacations that are going to last much more than a month, there are some other steps that you’ll want to consider. That will be the subject of an upcoming blog. Bookmark this blog or copy and paste the Arizona Wholesale Blog Link below for the next episode on taking care of your appliances while you’re away:

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