New Appliances from Jenn-Air

New Jenn-Air Induction Downdraft Cooktop

New Jenn-Air Cooktop Coming to Arizona Wholesale Supply

The industry's first downdraft induction cooktop will be shipping from Jenn-Air later this year. Equipped with powerful induction elements, and the legendary Jenn-Air center downdraft system, this innovative cooktop builds on Jenn-Air's cooking legacy.

A pioneer in induction cooking, Jenn-Air, had an induction cartridge for its modular downdraft cooktop back in the '80's, and later a hybrid four element glass cooktop with two induction elements and two radiant elements.

Jenn-Air's all new 36″ downdraft induction cooktop offers all the benefits of twenty-first century induction technology combined with the advantages of proximity downdraft ventilation. It's literally two appliances in one.


With no overhead vent hood, sight lines are open, smoke and odors are captured at the source, and island installation is straightfoward. For those, who don't have the option of venting an island cooktop through the floor, Jenn-Air offers a duct-free kit as an option. Duct-free downdraft can be a real life saver and open up more possibilities for kitchen design.

Jenn-Air's new induction downdraft cooktop has a powerful center vent rated at 350 CFM, perfect for a vent system that captures smoke and odor at the source before it escapes into the room.

The flexible induction cooking areas on each side are controlled by an electronic touchpad, and have built-in sensors that detect pans and will not operate absent a correctly sized pan. The cooktop can accommodate up to six pans as well as oblong pans, griddles, or Dutch ovens. When selected, a Performance Boost setting will provide a brief (up to 10 minutes) boost of power higher than the maximum setting.

For more information on this Jenn-Air cooktop or other appliances contact your designer or builder, and make an appointment with one of the consultants at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.

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New iLive Majestic Range from Italy

Italian Brand Available at Arizona Wholesale Supply

iLive Majestic Ranges have endless possibilites


When you purchase an iLive Majestic Range you can customize it the way you want it. Dual Fuel Ranges, for example come in 60″ 48″ 40″ 36″ and 30″ widths. All Gas ranges come in 36″ 30″ and 24″ widths. In the example below, you can see the many options you have in customizing YOUR new range.

Dual-Fuel ONLY – 40” Dual Fuel Range with up to 6 semi-sealed burners and a Multi-Function European Convection oven and Standard Electric Oven. Rotisserie and Full-width Warming Drawer are standard features. French Top and Removable Griddle are also available.

Cooktop Options

• BBQ Grill
• Fry Top Cover
• Chopping Board
• Steam Basins
• Bain Marie – SS Basin
• Cast Iron Steak Pan

Standard Colors:

•Stainless Steel, True White, Matte Graphite, Antique White, Burgundy Red, Midnight Blue, and Emerald Green


•Oil Rubbed Bronze*

Custom Colors

•Choose from over 200 colors.


•Griddle Top
•French Top

More Options

•Upper Handrail Style

Optional Extras

•Vent Hood
•Warming Shelf

To explore the iLive Majestic appliance line from Italy contact the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.

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Solving appliance ducting concerns, makeup air, and island installations

Unique Appliance Problems Solved with Jenn-Air Downdraft

Contractor and Designer Creative Problem Solving with Jenn-Air

Sometimes you run across design and construction issues with appliances that just seem to defy solution. You think and think, and ask all your sources for suggestions and nothing seems to be a good solution. Here are two issues that seem to come up when it comes to locating and installing ranges and cooktops.

Island Installations of Cooking Appliances

Locating a range or cooktop on an island is perfect for an entertaining kitchen. Yet it seems quite rare (especially in Arizona) to find ranges or cooktops on an island. Advanced planning to get the 220v. electric or a gas line to the island is important. Doing floor cuts after the fact may be expensive, and impractical, and suspending an overhead hood from the ceiling can also be problematic.

However, one way to simplify these issues is to install a Jenn-Air downdraft range or cooktop. The proximity center ventilation eliminates the need for an overhead hood and clears the sight lines as well. In addition, Jenn-Air now offers a duct-free kit with a replaceable filter that eliminates the need for any external ducting. It's perfect for an island installation.

Makeup Air Issues Disappear

Recent changes in building codes require makeup air to replace the air removed from a home by powerful overhead hoods. Fortunately, because downdraft center proximity ventilation is close to the source of the vent air, high CFM motors are not required. The new Jenn-Air downdraft range vents at only 283 CFM. And, with a duct-free kit there is no air exhausted from the home so no concern with makeup air whatsoever.

Considering a new build or a remodel? Look into Jenn-Air downdraft to make ventilation challenges go away!

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Appliance Ideas for a Unique Kitchen

Tip for a better kitchen – Be different!

Signature Appliances from Arizona Wholesale Supply

Author Dale Dauten once wrote, “Different isn’t always better, but better is always different.” Let’s think about how to apply that notion in a new kitchen from Arizona Wholesale Supply.

There are many reasons to make safe choices in your new kitchen. If you stick with tried and true ideas, you know that…well they’ve been tried and they’re truly going to work. In addition, you can feel comfortable that you won’t have a product, a design, or a color that will detract from the lasting value of your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you want your kitchen to stand out, by definition, you’ll have to do something different. Think about what could make the kitchen uniquely yours. It might only mean a splash of color, or it might be something dramatic.

Here are just a few appliance ideas that might give your new kitchen a “signature” and make it not only different, but better.

Bertazzoni Ferrari Red Range

Bertazzoni Range
New to the U.S. market, the Bertazzoni’s have been manufacturing cooking appliances for five generations in Northern Italy. This beautiful range will add the splash of color to your kitchen that will definitely command attention.

Wolf Built-In Coffee Maker

Wolf Coffee Maker
For entertaining or personal enjoyment a built-in coffee maker from Wolf is an elegant and desirable add-on that will create an inviting, hospitable gathering place in your home.

Jenn-Air Accolade Downdraft

Jenn-Air Accolade Downdraft

Jenn-Air’s stunning new Accolade downdraft vent elevates for use and descends when not being used, thus improving the sightlines obstructed by traditional overhead vent hoods.

Miele Brilliant White

Miele Brilliant White
Miele sets the standard for luxury and elegance, and the sleek new Brilliant White Plus appliances in flush European cabinetry define minimalistic modernism.

All of these great appliances are available today at Arizona Wholesale Supply. Contact your kitchen designer, and call or visit the appliance experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today.


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The Basic Kitchen Appliance Package

Refrigerator, Range, Hood, and Dishwasher

Kitchen Package

White Ice Collection

Standard Four Piece Kitchen Package

This is the common appliance configuration for most kitchens across America. It seems simple doesn't it? Cooling (1.refrigerator), cooking (2. range, and 3. hood), and cleaning (4. dishwasher). Yet, within those product categories there are millions of appliances sold each year in a variety of brands, styles, finishes, and colors so that the choices seem infinite.

French Door Refrigerator

French Door Refrigerator


For example, freestanding refrigerators (excluding built-in and undercounter variations) can be loosely classified into top mount, bottom mount (including French door), and side-by-side. Seems simple enough. But some refrigerators are cabinet depth and fit somewhat snugly in the surrounding cabinets, while full depth refrigerators will stick out from the cabinets a good six inches or more. Also, you need to consider whether you want an icemaker in your refrigerator. If so, do you want a model with an ice and water dispenser?

The Stainless Steel Decision

Stainless Steel

A major decision will revolve around what type of finish you want on your appliances. Stainless steel is popular, but even in stainless steel there are options. Some manufacturers have “faux” stainless steel, while others have stainless steel that is coated to make it smudge-proof. If you wish to change up from stainless steel, major appliance manufacturers are back to touting white and black, perhaps with stainless trim such as the white or black “ice” collection from Whirlpool.

If you can't make up your mind among the variety of colors and finishes, you may consider no finish at all by purchasing panel ready models. This choice entails putting cabinet panels on your refrigerator and dishwasher to make them blend in with the surrounding cabinets.

Chimney Hood

Chimney Hood

When it comes to the vent hood, it should be very simple right? WRONG. You must choose among a standard hood, a designer model such as a chimney hood, or a microwave hood combination. Even among these three hood categories there are hoods that are ducted outside, or those that recirculate.

Does all of this begin to sound overwhelming? Well, help IS available. The professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply deal with these issues on a daily basis. Call the location nearest you to schedule an appointment for help in selecting the appliances for your new kitchen.

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Kitchen Venting Requirements

Good News for Builders and Remodelers

CFM Reducers can eliminate makeup air requirement

Chimney Hood

Wall Mount Range Hood

Arizona Wholesale Supply Report on Range Hood Developments

We've written previously about the code requirement for makeup air when hoods exceed a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of over 400.

New Rules for Venting

Essentially, this building code means that installing one of the better and more powerful range hoods in new construction or remodels will also require providing for “makeup air” to replace the air removed from the dwelling by the exhaust hood.

Several hood manufacturers now have makeup air kits that can be installed to provide the needed air to “makeup” for the air removed from the house by the 400+ cfm vent hoods. However, the installation of these kits can be problematic, and they introduce an additional expense.

To avoid the problem and the expense of makeup air kits, there are now some CFM Reducers available that can reduce the output of hoods to 300 CFM. Naturally, you could simply purchase a 300 CFM hood in the first place, but that limits you to some basic entry level hoods. With a CFM reducer kit there becomes a much wider variety of hoods available that can now meet the under 400 CFM requirement.

A quick scan of hood manufacturers shows that Broan/Nutone, Zephyr, Best, and Elica hoods all offer CFM reducers. So now, there are 2 options to meet the new code requirement.

  1. Makeup Air Kits that pull in outside air to “make up” for the air being exhausted by high power hoods. Or,
  2. CFM Reducers that reduce the exhaust output of the hood to 300 CFM.

While you may wish to discuss ventilation code issues with your mechanical contractor, it's also good to know that there are options that allow you to include a premium hood along with your premium appliances, and still meet the code requirements.

For ALL your appliance, flooring, and window treatment needs you can rely on the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.


Call or visit the experts today at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Jenn-Air News at Arizona Wholesale Happy Hour

Jenn-Air to Launch New Products

Hi-Tech Ventilation, Coffee-Maker, Steam Oven

At a recent Jenn-Air Happy Hour attendees enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and appetizers prepared in the industry's best performing wall oven – Jenn-Air, and heard about some exciting new products being introduced.

Below: Jenn-Air Market Manager Rob Ascheiris (center) discusses Jenn-Air with Sharon Nobis (left) and Peggy Driscoll (right) with Coldwell Banker.

Below: Arizona Wholesale Showroom Manager Kent Greenhalgh (left) with Tom Norris of Norris Architects.

New Jenn-Air Ventilation

An unexpected refinement in ventilation, each Jenn-Air Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation unit is individually crafted and hand-polished. From the experts in downdraft, the Accolade telescopic downdraft powerfully, quietly, beautifully clears the air, then disappears on command. It’s truly at the forefront of design and performance.

Shown at the recent Architechtural Digest Home Show in New York City was a Jenn-Air built-in coffee maker, and a built-in Steam/Convection oven (below). In addition to a steam only mode, a steam plus convection setting multitasks to both crisp and maintain moisture in dishes from poultry to pastries. A powerful 1200 watt convection heating element evenly circulates heated air to ensure consistent baking results and speed up cooking times. Another time-saver, the oven's No Preheat option, eliminates the need to wait to begin the cooking process. Rumor has it that the steam/convection oven operates on 120v. making an add-on installation very practical. The product is scheduled to launch this fall.

New Jenn-Air Coffee Maker and Steam/Convection Oven

For more information on Jenn-Air call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Appliance Replacement Installations

Expect the Unexpected
When replacing standard appliances, you might think that everything is straightforward.

Step 1. Take out the old.

Step 2. Put in the new.

That’s it? Not quite! Here’s an example of what happened during a recent “routine” installation. The homeowner purchased a 3 piece appliance package. 1.electric range, 2. dishwasher, and 3. micro-hood to replace an existing range, dishwasher,and vent hood. The old appliances were Harvest Gold so that gives you an idea that they’ve been in there a while.


The kitchen floor was tiled AFTER the old dishwasher had been installed so that the tile was higher than and butted-up against the dishwasher. Therefore, the old dishwasher was hemmed in and could not be removed. The installer offered up two options.

  1. Chip out a couple of tiles which would enable him to slide out the dishwasher far enough to tip it up and pull it out of the hole.
  1. Remove the countertop section above the dishwasher to allow the dishwasher to be lifted out. This would entail cutting or breaking some part of the countertop.

Angle Stop

Matching kitchen tiles and grout were found in the garage so option 1 was the obvious choice. Two tiles were chipped out so that old dishwasher could be removed. The tiles would have to be replaced by the homeowner.

Next, the installer turned the water shutoff valve (aka: angle stop) to shut off the water supply to the dishwasher, and the valve sprung a leak. This is not uncommon for a nearly 30 year old valve. It has nothing to do with either the dishwasher, or the installer. (By the way, the water shutoff valves behind your washing machines are equally subject to the same problem). The water was turned off pending replacement of the shutoff valve by the homeowner, and the new dishwasher was installed.

Vent hood

The old vent hood was connected to a standard 6″ round duct. Microwave hoods come equipped with a recirculating vent meaning that they do not require an external duct, OR they can be configured to duct out through a rectangular 3 1/4″ by 10″ duct. Either way, they do not come ready to duct outside via a 6″ round duct. To do this, a transition duct is required to transition from 3 1/4″ by 10″ rectangular to 6″ round. Installers do not carry these on their trucks. In this case, because the micro-hood was already set for recirculating the homeowner elected to go with that and simply cap off the existing 6″ round duct.


Finally, it was time to install the electric range. The original range was installed in the 1980’s, and pre-dated the requirement to have an *anti-tip device. Fortunately, the installer was well-trained. He removed the anti-tip cleat from the range use and care manual, measured and drilled the holes in the floor, and attached the cleat so that the range could be secured to the floor. It took only a few minutes to do this, and the range slid neatly into place.

The lesson here is: Even a standard replacement installation is likely to require some non-standard work. Be ready to go with the flow. To be sure that the job is done to your satisfaction, rely on a company that has professional installation such as Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.

*For more information, on anti-tip devices refer to our previous blog: Safety First – Anti-tip devices.

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New Rules for Venting

Makeup air requirements are coming.

Hoods over 400 cfm require makeup air.

chimney hood

If you're preparing for a new kitchen, get ready for the possibility of a new wrinkle when it comes to ducting your vent hood. The 2009 International Residential Code added a requirement for makeup air for hoods of 400 CFM hoods and above. This new requirement is just now beginning to be enforced at the local level. Here is what it says:

    Section M1503.4 of the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) states: M1503.4 Makeup air required.
    Exhaust hood systems capable of exhausting in excess of 400 cubic feet per minute (0.19 m3/s) shall be provided with makeup air at a rate approximately equal to the exhaust air rate. Such makeup air systems shall be equipped with a means of closure and shall be automatically controlled to start and operate simultaneously with the exhaust system.

Why the new rule? Range vent hoods are becoming more and more powerful these days, i.e. we're pulling a lot of air out of a home each time the vent hood is turned out. Simultaneously, homes are becoming much more like sealed boxes. They don't “breathe” like they used to around windows and doors. What this all means and what the code has addressed is that when we are exhausting air from a house through a powerful vent hood to get rid of smoke and odors, we must replace the air we're removing with a like volume of incoming air.

Air Circulation Diagram

Several hood suppliers now offer makeup air kits to accommodate this requirement, and local inspectors are beginning to require compliance with the revised code. There is no requirement for existing homes to be retrofitted. This is only for new construction, i.e., remodels and new homes.

While there are a couple of different ways to meet this requirement the simplest and least expensive option is to use a system like the one pictured below:

makeup air diagram

The diagram above depicts a vent hood being ducted out with a makeup air duct (C) added to the duct run. Connected to a 120v wall plug, the makeup air duct has an electric switch that is activated whenever the airflow from the vent hood forces the damper open. This switch opens the motorized damper (E) on the new intake air duct allowing for the introduction of an equal amount of incoming air to replace the air being removed by the vent hood.

In summary, the change involves adding:

  1. a 2 piece makeup air duct kit such as those offered by Whirlpool (below), and
  2. a separate intake duct run (duct pipe, wall or roof cap, and inside duct cover).
makeup air kits

makeup air kits

Check with your contractor and point out the applicable IRC provision to determine your specific needs, and call Arizona Wholesale Supply Company to order the makeup air kit that works for your application.

For the best appliance advice and selection always consult the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company:

Arizona Wholesale

Arizona Wholesale Supply Co.

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Ideas for Range Hood Vents

Let's Vent a Little: Choosing a Kitchen Hood Vent Style

A vent hood is an important and functional part of your kitchen, but it can also be a style feature in your kitchen design. In fact, in some cases a stylish vent hood can be a dramatic focal point.

Here are some style choices that are available.

Undercabinet hood

Undercabinet hood

Island Hood

Island Hood

Wall Mount Hood

Wall Mount Hood

Standard undercabinet hoods hang below the wall cabinets and can be very economical, but often detract from the kitchen design. In recent years some improved styling gives consumers choices that might enhance or at least not detract from the look they are trying to achieve for their kitchen.

One choice for a vent hood that sounds odd is to hide the hood. It's becoming increasingly popular to use a power pack for ventilation and build a custom hood enclosure it which means that the hood itself is not visible. Here are examples of two custom canopies with a hood insert.

As you might expect, this could become expensive depending on the extent of the custom carpentry. A non-custom hidden option for a more economical kitchen would be to use a slide-out hood. With this type of hood, the vent system is hidden in the upper cabinet and the hood slides-out when in use.

KitchenAid Slide-out Hood

KitchenAid Slide-out Hood

Wall mount hoods are becoming increasingly popular as well as more affordable. There are some very attractive style choices for wall mount hoods. Since they don't rely on upper kitchen cabinets, attractive backsplashes can also beautify the kitchen. Here is a chimney style wall mount hood with a tile backsplash.

For a dramatic look, there are some very unique and striking designs now available from some of the premium brands. Here's a Jenn-Air Perimetric hood that could be confused for a plasma screen TV. Unique and stunning.

This is an island hood from the Best Hood Sorpresa Collection
This wall mount hood is also from Best's Sorpresa collection

This dramatic hood from Zephyr has a remote control.

Also from Zephyr, an example of the newest concept in vent hoods, a ceiling vent.

There's much more information about hoods elsewhere on this blog. Click on the links below to learn more:

The forgotten appliance – the vent hood.

The forgotten appliance part 2: The vent hood

The forgotten appliance part 3 – the vent hood.

To check out different brands and vent hood models go to the online Appliance Catalog by using the link below:

Ventilation Catalog at Arizona Wholesale

As always feel free to call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply for all your vent hood and other appliance needs.

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