Choosing a Built-In Refrigerator

Built-In Refrigerators at Arizona Wholesale

Types, Styles, and Look

In the early days of built-in refrigerators there were very few choices. Sub-Zero gets credit for creating this category in the mid-late fifties. It took a while for the category to grow into what it is today. At one point Sub-Zero was synonymous for built-in refrigerator, and even today they are clearly a market leader. However, many other brands now offer a variety of choices in built-in refrigeration. Here are a few:

Bosch, Dacor, Electrolux, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Miele, Monogram, and Thermador

Sub-Zero pioneered the traditional built-in refrigerator which, for our purposes, is a refrigerator with a cabinet depth no more than 24″. Early on the brand offered a choice of stainless steel fronts or models that would accept slide-in cabinet panel fronts to match adjacent cabinetry (overlay models).

Eventually, built-in refrigerators were developed that had hidden hinges and accepted cabinet panel fronts that were flush with adjacent cabinets. These refrigerators were fully-flush “integrated” refrigerators.


Sub-Zero Fronts

Click below for a short discussion on integrated appliances from Houzz:


Today, column refrigerators with cabinet panels have doors that go from bottom to top (no horizontal panel at the top), and when the doors are closed are truly not discernible from the adacent cabinets.



Configurations of built-ins includes side-by-side refrigerator/freezers, bottom freezer refrigrator/freezers, and separate column refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers. In addition, some brands offer built-in under counter refrigerators and wine coolers; as well as under counter refrigerator and freezer drawers. The configurations for your kitchen are endless.

Click on the link below to review some of the choices in built-in refrigerators on our Houzz page:

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Preparing to Buy Appliances

Learn to be a Smart Appliance Customer

When was the last time you bought a new car? I'm guessing that you did your homework before heading to the car dealerships to put up tens of thousands of dollars on a new vehicle. It makes sense then to also spend some time preparing to spend thousands of dollars on new appliances for your home. Here are some general tips before you head out the door.

Have a flexible and realistic appliance budget.

Think about your budget. A basic appliance package by one of the big 3 (GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire) including a range, mico-hood, refrigerator, and dishwasher will cost a minimum of $3500-$5000. At the other extreme, luxury homes valued well into 7 or even 8 figures are going to need luxury appliances. Considering that a single built-in refrigerator will commonly cost over $10,000, and that's just one appliance, a full-fledged luxury kitchen can easily run into several tens of thousands.

Consider your lifestyle


Built-In Coffee Maker

Consider extras such as Built-in Coffee-Makers, Wine or Beverage Coolers, Icemakers, or Steam-Convection Ovens. These will run up the bill, but for some people they are worth the extra, and they'll definitely make a statement.

Appliances should enhance your home value, up to a point.

One of the biggest concerns, in my view, is to choose appliances that “belong” in the house. If you live in an average middle class subdivision, be careful in buying luxury appliances because you are unlikely to recover the value when you sell your home. There are some exceptions if the neighborhood is changing character, or if for example you are a dedicated chef who can justify a commercial grade range without regard to resale value.


Luxury Kitchen

Similarly, if you are in an area of custom homes, perhaps in a gated country club community, be prepared to commit to high end luxury appliances. Nothing can reduce a luxury home's value more than using standard finishes and brands where custom or luxury brands are expected.

These are just a few tips to get you thinking. A good place to go from here is to discuss these principles with your builder or designer. Of course, for the best selection of appliances of all the top brands as well as specialty brands, be sure to consult the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

For more information call or visit the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply .

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Wine for your Valentine

Go from Roses to Rosé

Roses are sure to please your Valentine, but to make this Valentine's Day truly special, how about celebrating with a nice bottle of rosé wine? Maybe you're a red wine fan, maybe she prefers white. Rosé is a perfect choice.

What is rosé? Quite simply, rosé is a wine that has the some of the color of the grape skin, but not enough to be a red wine. The grape skins are left in the “juice” until the rosé blush is obtained. Though it does happen, it's considered cheating to mix white and red wine to produce rosé. In fact, by law, French rosé wine cannot be made by merely mixing white and red. There is a surprising variety in rosé wines ranging from a very pale pink, to bordering on red, and even an orange.

Even if you both like red, or both like white, Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to step out and try something different. As an FYI, in the U.S. we drink a bit more red than white wine. In France, they not only drink considerably more red wine than white, but white wine is not even in second place. The French drink more rosé wine than white wine, and of course, they drink a lot of champagne.

My favorite among the rosés is a sparkling rosé, especially for special occasions. Here's a taste test winner from Huffington Post:

1: Llopart Cava Rosé Brut 2008 Vintage $19.99

Tasting Notes: “Neutral.” “Good aroma and well rounded flavor.” “Lemonade taste.” “Would be great as an aperitif.” “Nice, easy drink and potentially crowd-pleasing.”

When you need a wine cabinet to store your wine, check with the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

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New Appliances from Arizona Wholesale Supply

Cool things to do with your tax refund

New Kitchen Appliance Ideas at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Arizona Wholesale Supply has cooked up two cool ideas for your tax refunds. One idea lets you get your food hot, but keep your kitchen cool, and one is just a cool, fun, and refreshing appliance that you're sure to love. If you're up for a bit of a remodel or a new kitchen, here are two new ideas to share with your designer or builder. (They love it when you do this).

Bosch Induction Cooktop

Consider induction. Nearly all of the major appliance brands now offer induction cooktops and ranges, and there are prices and features for every budget and taste. From Frigidaire to Gaggenau, and everything in between, there's really something for everyone when it comes to induction cooking. Here we take a look at Bosch cooktops – one of the leaders in induction cooking. Bosch has a long history in development of induction cooking technology and currently offers 10 models of induction cooktops, maybe the largest selection in the industry.

Here's how Bosch describes their induction cooktops:

Get the cooking power of gas in an easy-to-clean smooth surface with an induction cooktop from Bosch. Available in 4 or 5 burner configurations and 30″ or 36″ widths. These induction stove tops come in solid black or black with stainless steel trim finishes. Bundle the best induction cooktop with other Bosch appliances and save with an eco-friendly kitchen appliance package.

New Dacor Discovery Wine Station

If you are a wine aficionado, then here is a cool product to keep your wine at just the right coolness level. Owning a Dacor Discovery Wine Station means that your wine is ready when you are. Read what Dacor has to say about this truly unique and innovative product:

The Discovery WineStation® is the first automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. The connoisseur can choose the right wine and just the right amount – a taste, a half glass or a full glass – with the touch of a finger . A perfect addition to your home, in the kitchen, bar, den, game room or wine cellar, the Dacor Discovery WineStation maintains the freshness of your favorite wine selections for up to 60 days without the loss of flavor or natural aroma.

For more information on these two appliance or other ideas on how to spend your tax refund consult the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply today. Serving the construction and design community since 1944.

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Jenn-Air’s new Under Counter Wine Cellar

Jenn-Air® goes luxury with new Under Counter appliances

Jenn-Air Undercounter

New Jenn-Air Undercounter Appliances

Four years ago, the Jenn-Air® brand was re-positioned from a premium brand to a super-premium brand, and re-launched led by high-end cooking products including an exclusive wall-oven with a full-color touch screen.

But they haven't stopped there. Now, Jenn-Air® has brought to market a new line of undercounter appliances rivaling those in the luxury class. Anchored by some stylish and beautiful wine storage units, the undercounter category is among the most complete in the industry with refrigerator and refrigerator/freezer drawers, an icemaker with several exclusive features, a beverage center, and more. Most models are available in Eurostyle, Pro-style, or overlay configurations and offer flush installation in a standard cabinet depth.

Read about the Jenn-Air® JUW24FRAR Under Counter Wine Cellar below. Call or visit Arizona Wholesale Supply for details and pricing.

Jenn-Air Wine Cellar

Jenn-Air Wine Cellar

This distinctive Under Counter Wine Cellar safeguards your favorite vintages and keeps them stylishly close at hand. It features dual temperature zones for red and white wines, and six pull-out, beechwood racks that store up to 46 bottles.


  • 46 Wine Bottle Capacity
  • 6 Pull-Out Wine Racks with Beechwood Tines
  • Dual Temperature Zones
  • Fully Flush, Built-In Design
  • Automatic Interior LED Marquee Lighting
  • UV-Resistant Thermal Glass Door
  • Display Lighting Option
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Concealed External Controls
  • Soft-Close Door
  • Pro-Style® Stainless Handle Kit (available)

Points of Distinction

 Articulating hinge allows for Fully Flush, Built-in Design
 Soft-Close technology ensures doors and drawers
close softly, quietly and securely — every time
 Soft glow of Automatic LED Interior Lighting illuminates interior

 Elegance Shelving creates a beautiful appearance as hors d’oeuvres, beverages and other food items seem to float within the interior
 UV-Resistant Thermal Glass Door preserves temperatures and wine from ultraviolet rays
 Pull-Out Wine Racks gently cradle wine bottles on natural, beechwood tines

See the best selection of Jenn-Air® appliances on display at Arizona Wholesale Supply.

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Dacor Lunch & Learn at Arizona Wholesale Supply

Arizona Wholesale Supply Scottsdale
Dacor Appliances Lunch and Learn Event

On Wednesday May 22nd, select designers and influencers gathered at Arizona Wholesale Supply's Scottsdale showroom for a delightful lunch prepared by Dacor chef *Linda Martin. Chef Linda prepared:

Caramelized onion & fresh herb flatbread pizza
Marinated chicken with avocado-mango salsa
Roasted white potatoes with garlic and smoked paprika
Julienned vegetables with garlic & herbs
Rustic peach tart with fresh raspberries and vanilla bean whipped cream

Dacor district manager, J.C. Abbey was on hand to discuss the Dacor appliance line. Dacor is a privately held family appliance business headquartered in Pasadena, California.

Chef Linda Martin demonstrates the power and versatility of the Dacor convection oven while J. C. Abbey explains the many features and benefits of Dacor's entire line of appliances.

Though Dacor began as a luxury cooking brand, they currently offer kitchen appliances in all major categories: Cooking, Dishwasher, and Refrigeration as well as specialty products such as Built-In Coffee Maker.

J.C. also discussed an innovative new product being launched by Dacor, the Discovery™ WineStation™.

The Discovery™ WineStation™ is an automated, temperature-controlled, four-bottle wine dispenser for the home. Enjoy just the right wine in the right amount at each pour, whether you desire just a taste, a full, or a half-glass, the Dacor Wine Station is Ideal. The argon gas preservation system shields the unit from harmful ambient UV rays and allows wine to be opened and preserved for up to 60 days. The dispenser comes with its own energy efficient thermo-electric cooling system keeping an ideal temperature for either red or white wine. Wines are protected and safe behind a locking door. The dispensing system is operated using LCD screens and touch controls which display wine varieties, vintages, temperature settings and pouring volume.

The Dacor Discovery™ WineStation™ will be available at Arizona Wholesale Supply in June.

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*Chef Linda Martin is Chef-Owner of Linda's Dinner Designs a Personal Chef Services firm. She may be reached at, phone 602 291-9206.


Last minute holiday cooking and drinking tips

Holiday Reminders for Cooking and Drinking


  1. Find your meat probe for roasting. If your oven has a feature allowing you to roast by temperature rather than time, you should use it. It is much more accurate. If you don't use this feature often, chances are that the temperature probe is hidden away with your instruction manual so you'll need to conduct a search ahead of time.
  2. Use the right pan for convection. The convection feature is wonderful for roasting and baking, but it's important to remember that the oven air needs to circulate around the food. If you have a roast or a bird sitting on the bottom of a roasting pan with high sides, you need to make sure that a roasting rack or trivet gets the meat above the pan sides so that convection air will encircle the food.
  3. Don't forget your low simmer burner. This time of year there are lots of sauces and soups that need to sit on the stove for a long time at very low settings. If you're having trouble getting a low enough flame on your gas burner checking for another burner on your range or cooktop with a low simmer setting. Most ranges and cooktops today will have at least one burner capable of maintaining a very low flame, whereas the high power burner probably won't be able to turn down low enough for your sauce.
  4. Double check your recipe ingredients. There's nothing worse than thinking you had the all spice or the basil or the you-name-it in the cupboard only to be unable to find it. While your at it, be aware that if these spices have been in the pantry for a couple of years, they've likely lost their potency. Might be a good time for a fresh supply.


1. Store your wine at the right temperature. Most experts recommend a temperature of 52-59 degrees. For more information check out our blog on wine storage by clicking the link below:

Wine Storage Temperatures

2. Drink your wine at the right temperature. The right drinking temperature for wine is not the same as the right storage temperature for wine. Wine stored at 55 degrees should be consumed at 60 degrees. Too many folks seem to want to drink red wine at room temperature and white wine at under 40 degrees.

3. Decant your wine if necessary. Much has been written about decanting wine and there is great disagreement among wine experts. Most experts do agree that older red wines can benefit from decanting to separate the wine from the sediment. Others go further and say that decanting wine exposes it to oxygen and lets it release flavor that would not otherwise be present. Some even like to decant white wines.

One final tip on eating and drinking.