4 Lovely Ideas for Winter Wedding Engagement Photos

Winter weddings occur more rarely than spring, summer, and fall, but they are beautiful to behold. Set the tone right away with winter themed engagement photos. Here are four romantic ways to capture memorable engagement photos and have a lot of fun in the process.

  1. Wear coordinating outfits in red and white. Bring along two red and white candy canes. Pose facing each other, extend your arms (right or left respectively) toward the camera, and hold the candy canes with the hooks facing each other. This creates the shape of a heart. Kiss and take the photo!
  2.  Dress in coordinating cold weather outfits. Wear things such as fleece jackets, knit hats, scarves, mittens, etc. Visit and outdoor ice skating rink, put on some ice skates, and let the photographer direct you from there.
  3. Build a snowman and snowwoman together. Ahead of time, collect the basics for a kit (gloves, carrots, coal, etc,) and include a bridal veil and top hat. Find a lovely outdoor winter setting. A little ways into the mountains works well to provide a rustic feel, or you can do this in your front yard to increase the sense of family and home. Build the basic form of the snow people ahead of time so that you don’t lose too much time during your photo shoot. Once the initial form is done ask the photographer to capture you and your fiancée finishing the project. Take natural photos during the process, and then posed photo. Be sure to get a few of just the snow couple, because they will work really well as invitation or thank you cards.
  4. Find a very snowy location at which there is a considerable amount of snow. The idea is for it to create a nearly all white background. Bring along a few beautiful winter blankets, a tarp, two mugs, and a large thermos of coffee or hot chocolate. Wear cozy, warm, attractive clothes that coordinate with each other. Lay the tarp on the snow to create a barrier. Cover it with one of the blankets and sit together. Wrap yourselves in the other blankets and each of you hold a mug. Let the photographer capture your moment while cuddling, rubbing noses, talking, and enjoying a warm cup of joe in the pre-wedding snow.