Chores for Young Kids

It’s never too early to start your kids off helping out around the house. The earlier you start, the more likely they‘ll be to have good habits engrained as they get older. After all, young children love to help, so giving them responsibility early on is a lot easier than trying to introduce it once it’s no longer fun. These easy chores for young kids will have your children helping out around the house from the time they are old enough to understand what it means.

Setting the Table

Invest in some inexpensive dishware, and let your young children set the table. They don’t have to carry whole stacks of plates at once, and if it takes them multiple trips, that’s OK, too. Setting the table is something that a lot of kids actually enjoy, because it means that the meal is about to commence, so they often rush to get it done in a timely way.

Hand Held Vacuuming

Get your kids a small hand held vacuum and have them seek out and destroy the dust bunnies, piles of pet hair, and scatterings of crumbs on the floor. Small vacuums are a lot of fun for kids, particularly if you have a pet that sheds and they can watch the hairs go flying right up into it. Best of all, they can be vacuuming up the small corners of the room or under the furniture while you run the big vacuum, so it helps save you time as well.

Picking Up After Themselves

Clearly organize their bedrooms and playrooms so that everything has a place to go, then put your kids in charge of picking up at the end of the day. Plastic bins with lids work well for this purpose; all they have to do is toss the toys into the correct bin so picking up can be a fast and fun game, rather than a chore. Kids often don’t mind taking responsibility for their own areas, and can get a lot of pride from maintaining them well, so have them straighten up each evening to keep their play areas looking neat.